Cooperative Games

Cooperative Games

  • Sergey V. Popov added an answer:
    What are the common group tasks that people use in experiments?

    Does anyone know what are the common group tasks that people use in their experiments? Tasks where performance can be easily evaluated objectively? I found in literature Michigan State University Distributed Dynamic Decision Making (MSU-DDD), but could not find the modified version for research. Does anyone have this game or know other games that I can use in research? Thanks!

    Sergey V. Popov · Queen's University Belfast

    I was thinking about doing an experiment in teamwork efficiency, and the only thing that came to my mind is jigsaw puzzle solving: how much faster would a team of 2 solve the given 300-piece puzzle against team of 3, or something. You need something that is easy to parallelize, but that would require some interaction. My suspicion is that the good teamwork games would also be the games where individual effort is hard to quantify...

  • He Hao added an answer:
    What is the difference between Nash Equilibrium and Nash Bargaining Solution?
    I'm considering a cooperative game where players want to share resources in a fair manner.
    He Hao · Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

    Please see

  • José Paes Santana added an answer:
    Can anyone help with time token method by Arends?
    Time token method is a cooperative learning method.
    José Paes Santana · UNIDESC GO

    Hello Sir BouJaoude,
    Thank you for the valuable information!
    prof Paes

  • Surajit Borkotokey asked a question:
    Is anyone working on Network under Bi-cooperative framework?
    Bi-cooperative games are generalizations of voting games with abstention...Mathematically one can talk about Bi-cooperative networks however one needs a concrete example. I am trying to get one. If anybody is interested please share your experience.
  • Issofa Moyouwou added an answer:
    Equivalence relation in TU games
    How do you define an equivalence relation over the set of imputations in a TU game?
    Issofa Moyouwou · University of Yaounde I
    Dear Momo, let me know what is the goal of such a partition. What is the main problem? is there any link to players? to a social planner? ...

About Cooperative Games

In game theory, a cooperative game is a game where groups of players ("coalitions") may enforce cooperative behaviour, hence the game is a competition between coalitions of players, rather than between individual players. An example is a coordination game, when players choose the strategies by a consensus decision-making process.

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