Clinical Embryology

Clinical Embryology

  • Jose Gros added an answer:
    What is the difference between pPNET and embryonal neuroblastoma?

    The good prognosis of those rare cases with pPNET and embryonal neuroblastomas

    elucidates questions concerning the tumor's biological behaviour and role of different 

    factors affecting cell differentiation, tumour growth and dissemination. 

    Jose Gros · Sociedad Española de Oncología Médica

    According to D A casciato, editor, and M C Territo, associate editor, 2012, 'Manual of Clinical Oncology, 7th edition', page 881:

    Small Blue Cell tumors in children may be:


    *PNET/Ewing Sarcoma  


     *Synovial cell Sarcoma

     *Wilm's Tumor

    To distinguish among them, markers are: CK, EMA, CD99, S100, NET, WT1, and Muscular Markers (Desmin, MSA, MyoD1, myogenin) are of help

    Small Blue Cell tumors in Adults are:

    *Carcinoma                                                                                                                         *Carcinoma, Small Cell  

    *Carcinoma, Merkel Cell    

    *Desmoplastic Small Cell Tumor                                                                                  

    *Synovial Sarcoma                                                                                                        *Lymphoma  

     * Melanoma

     To discriminate, they propose: CK, EMA, CD99, S100, NET, CD45, Des, and other specific for some of the individual tumor types cited

  • Jason Peter Ross added an answer:
    Embryology: Do the 3 lineages give rise to layers in colon with 3 distinct patterns of ancestral somatic mutations?

    Is this really what happens? If so, the three lineages would give rise to layers in organs such as the colon with three distinct patterns of ancestral somatic mutations. Alternately, organs could be created by pluripotent stem cells that locally create the layers of tissue observed. In such a case local elements of layers would to some extent share a genetic pattern of somatic mutations.

    Jason Peter Ross · The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

    A number of years back, some of my lab members published a paper on the very clear distinction in RNA expression patterns across the colon proximal-distal axis.

  • Joseph Carroll added an answer:
    Is there any neurological or embryological influence in the Foveal Development in Down Syndrome
    There has been no study which talks about any relation of the development of the eye in Down Syndrome and any neurological involvement in the same
    Joseph Carroll · Medical College of Wisconsin

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