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    ABSTRACT: Hydrogels are water swollen networks of polymers and especially hydrogels consisting of poly vinylpyrrolidone/poly ethyleneglycol-dimethacrylate (PVP/PEG-DMA) blends show promising wound care properties. Enhanced functionality of the hydrogels can be achieved by incorporating drugs and other substances that may assist wound healing into the gel matrix. Controlling the release of active compounds from the hydrogels may be possible by carefully modifying the polymer matrix. For this purpose, cyclodextrins (CD) were grafted to the polymer matrix in 4-5 w/w% in an attempt to retard the release of water-soluble drugs. Ibuprofenate (IBU) was chosen as model drug and loaded in IBU/CD ratios of 0.6, 1.2, and 2.5. Vinyl derivatives of alpha-, beta- and gamma-CD were produced, added to the prepolymer blend and cured by UV-light. During this curing process the CD derivatives were covalently incorporated into the hydrogel matrix. The modified hydrogels were loaded with ibuprofenate by swelling. The release of the model drug from CD modified hydrogels show that especially covalently bonded beta-cyclodextrin can change both the release rate and the release profile of ibuprofen.
    Drug Delivery 03/2009; 16(2):92-101. DOI:10.1080/10717540802605129 · 2.20 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: The effect of 2-hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin and gamma-cyclodextrin on the release of ibuprofen, ketoprofen and prednisolone was studied. Stability constants calculated for inclusion complexes show size dependence for complexes with both cyclodextrins. Hydrogels were prepared by ultraviolet irradiation and release of each model drug was studied. For drugs formulated using cyclodextrins an increase in the achievable concentration and in the release from hydrogels was obtained due to increased solubility, although the solubility of all gamma-cyclodextrin complexes was limited. The load also was increased by adjusting pH for the acidic drugs and this exceeds the increase obtained with gamma-cyclodextrin addition.
    Drug Delivery 02/2008; 15(1):69-80. DOI:10.1080/10717540701829267 · 2.20 Impact Factor