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    D.K. Brock · E.K. Track · J.M. Rowell ·
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    ABSTRACT: In the shadow of high-temperature superconductivity, 35 years of research in low-temperature superconductor ICs quietly comes to fruition, yielding the world's fastest circuits. They are made with a superconducting metal, niobium, rather than a compound semiconductor. Their exotic technology is based on Josephson junction devices and the transmission of single quanta of magnetic flux along superconductor interconnects. This paper describes these ICs and also a logic family called rapid single flux quantum (RSFQ) logic, which is based on the storage and transmission of quanta of magnetic flux.
    IEEE Spectrum 01/2001; 37(12-37):40 - 46. DOI:10.1109/6.887595 · 0.78 Impact Factor