Tomonori Konse

Indiana University Bloomington, Bloomington, Indiana, United States

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    ABSTRACT: A new beta-elimination procedure has been introduced to cleave O-linked oligosaccharides from low- to sub-microgram amounts of glycoproteins prior to analysis by mass spectrometry. Borane-ammonia complex in aqueous ammonia is used as a cleaving solution alternative to the sodium borohydride/sodium hydroxide medium conventionally used in beta-elimination. The procedure results in minimum sample purification, leading to minimal sample loss and consequently an overall enhancement in sensitivity. It was applied successfully in the analysis of bovine fetuin and submaxillary mucin, as well as to a complex bile-salt-stimulated lipase glycoprotein isolated from human milk.
    Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 06/2002; 16(12):1199-204. DOI:10.1002/rcm.701 · 2.64 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Different macroporous, monolithic capillary columns were prepared to separate various bile acid mixtures through capillary electrochromatography (CEC) at high efficiency. These columns are shown to be ideally suitable for coupling to an electrospray ionization/ion trap mass spectrometer. Detection and structural identification of different bile acid derivatives in either the positive- or negative-ion mode necessitated column technologies with different polarities and the capabilities of a reversed electroosmotic flow. High column efficiencies (610,000 theoretical plates/meter for glycocholic acid in normal-phase separation) were preserved in the coupling to mass spectrometry (MS), with the detection limits of approximately 40 femtomole (for cholic acid) and identification through CEC/MS/MS.
    Analytical Chemistry 08/2000; 72(13):2703-10. DOI:10.1021/ac991059v · 5.83 Impact Factor