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    X. Chu · Y. Ni · G. Zhou ·
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    ABSTRACT: An analytical formula for the average intensity of cosh-Gaussian (ChG) beams diffracted by an aperture in turbulent atmosphere is derived and some limiting cases are discussed. By using the average intensity formula, some numerical simulation comparisons are made and some special cases are studied, especially the influences of the ChG beam parameter (Ω0), the propagation distance, the aperture and its size on the average normalized intensity distribution. It is determined that the evolution properties of the average normalized intensity profile in turbulent atmosphere with aperture are different not only from those of free space with aperture but also from those in turbulent atmosphere without aperture.
    Applied Physics B 05/2007; 87(3):547-552. DOI:10.1007/s00340-007-2615-9 · 1.86 Impact Factor
  • W. Guo · G.-Y. Zhou · Y.-J. Ni · L.-T. Hou ·
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    ABSTRACT: We describe an improved stacking-capillary method, which can fabricate the microstructure fiber (MSF) without interstitial holes. This method includes several steps. Firstly, the MSF preform is made by the stacking-capillary method, and we heat one side of the preform in order to make the capillary close; secondly, the MSF preform is put into the high temperature furnace to heat at 1600°C; then the positive pressure is produced into the capillaries by adding air, every three adjacent capillary holes are expanded in the preform, so the interstitial holes are eliminated, and all the capillaries are fused together. It is helpful to keep the MSF structure during drawing fiber. We get well experimental results by the improved stacking-capillary method.