Li Li

Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, Fujian, China

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    ABSTRACT: This paper is an introduction to software performance automated testing and theory. It introduces the features of Open Xml storage and SQL Server storage. Then this paper sets three state scenes and chooses different test automated tools respectively. Finally, it uses tools to monitor software performance index from these two data storage systems. Results are then analyzed, comparing the quality performance of different storage systems to the same state scene.
    Computer Science & Service System (CSSS), 2012 International Conference on; 01/2012
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    ABSTRACT: The traditional fault diagnosis expert system is dependent on knowledge acquisition of the experts. Knowledge acquisition is recognized as the "bottleneck" problem of expert system. In addition, there are also some limitations of adaptive capacity, learning ability and real-time. And artificial neural network with good fault-tolerance and associative memory function, as well as very strong self-adaptive, self-learning ability, just can make up for the limitations of traditional expert system. This paper will construct a new expert system with the artificial neural network into and fault tree. Besides fault tree and neural network, this article mainly introduces the system model of fault diagnosis of the fire control computer and sensor subsystem, the method and process of fault diagnosis. In this expert system, we use the object-oriented production rule to represent the knowledge, which solves the bottleneck problem of the diagnostic knowledge acquisition effectively. The inferential process begins with the abnormal event and finally finds all of the possible faults and the faulty component. For some possible faulty components, which have large number of fault samples, the neural network model can be used to diagnose. The training network of fault samples employs the BP neural network. Finally, simulation training results show that the fault diagnosis expert system based on the combination of fault tree and neural network is rational and effective in fault diagnosis of the fire control system, realizes perfectly the combination of new knowledge and old one, and can grasp the state of systems dynamically.
    Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering, 2009. CiSE 2009. International Conference on; 01/2010
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    ABSTRACT: With high compression ratio performance, fractal image compression technology becomes a hot topic of research of image compression techniques. However, the encoding time of traditional fractal compression technique is too long to achieve real-time image compression, so it cannot be widely used. Based on the theory of fractal image compression; this paper raised an improved algorithm form the aspect of image segmentation.
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    ABSTRACT: Pressure test is an essential work of Web application performance test and one of the important means to ensure software quality and performance. Pressure test can find a lot of unexposed problems under normal circumstances, which means that it can find more system bugs than others. Pressure test tests the load conditions of system, devises test scheme for the system performance indicators and verifies whether the system performance indicators meet the established target or not through the test results. This paper comprehensively investigates the pressure test in the case of a typical B/S system-Reporting Platform. By adopting the software performance testing concept and considering the impact factors on system function and evaluation index system of website operation, we carried out pressure test over the Reporting Platform Web site using VSTS (Full life-cycle management tools: Visual Studio 2005 Team System) testing tools and developed a process for conducting such tests. In depth analysis of the results of the pressure test, we found the bottlenecks which impacted the system performance, so as to lay the foundation for optimizing, adjusting the system and improving the system performance.
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    ABSTRACT: In this article, we demonstrate the thin-film-Ge surface PIN photodetectors. With thin Ge layer (~120nm including buffer layers), the devices couple well with the incoming Si waveguide and achieve high responsivity due to the surface layout of the highly-doped p+/n+ region. By shrinking the p+/n+ spacing of the device, the device exhibits high speed of ~20GHz at the bias of −1V. KeywordsGermanium-Surface PIN structure-Photodetector
    Optical and Quantum Electronics 01/2009; 41(14):957-961. · 1.08 Impact Factor