A. I. Galeeva

Kazan National Research Technological University, Kasan, Tatarstan, Russia

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    ABSTRACT: Lyotropic metallomesogens containing trivalent rare-earth metal ions have unique attractive behavior due to the combination of some specific properties of the lanthanide ions with anisotropic supramolecular organization liquid crystal and provide new promises in biochemistry and materials science. In this article, we have studied the liquid crystal and luminescence properties of lyotropic systems containing Eu(III) and Tb(III) ions based on nonionic surfactants. The type, the structural parameters of the mesophases, and the structure of a liquid crystal complex have been investigated using polarized optical microscopy (POM), X-ray diffraction, and Fourier transform infrared. In addition, on the basis of the luminescence lifetime, the structure of the first coordination sphere was determined. The results obtained based on time-resolved spectroscopy data are discussed in the light of the influence ligand environment, ion type, and the type of supramolecular organization on the luminescence efficiency of lyotropic lanthanide containing systems. The first time was reported for Eu(III) complexes increasing the luminescence efficiency in the hexagonal phase compared to the lamellar mesophase.
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 11/2011; 116(2):735-42. DOI:10.1021/jp207734b · 3.30 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: The phase behavior of a self-organizing system based on the nonionic surfactant of decaethylene glycol monodecyl ether-lanthanum nitrate hexahydrate-water and decanol is presented. A system phase diagram was constructed. The concentration, temperature ranges of existence and types of liquid crystal phases were established. Analysis of structural changes during the phase transitions hexagonal phase-lamellar phase-isotropic liquid was made on the basis of data obtained by viscosimetry and self-diffusion NMR.
    Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry 05/2010; 84(5):802-807. DOI:10.1134/S003602441005016X · 0.56 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: The results of the synthesis and characteristics of the new lyotropic lanthanide-containing liquid-crystalline systems possessing the nematic phase based on the zwitterionic surfactant, N,N-dimethyldodecylamine oxide (C12DMAO), in the aqueous-decanol environment are presented. The phase diagrams are constructed. The formation of the La-O coordination bonds in the liquid-crystalline complex C12DMAO/LaIII is confirmed by IR spectroscopy.
    Russian Chemical Bulletin 02/2010; 59(2):469-472. DOI:10.1007/s11172-010-0104-5 · 0.48 Impact Factor