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    ABSTRACT: In a lcaf flavonoid aglyconc survey of 19 7ricyrti.s species, the Havone luteoliri was detected in 16% of the taxa and the flavonols myricetin, qucrcctin, kacmpfcrol and isorhamlietin in :32"h, 63% and 68% and 58% of the sample, rrspccti\\dy. Kacmplixd occurred more frcquently than qucrcetin in sections Hirtar and Tigwth. Section Bradgqv/i.! was charactcrizcd by the prcsrncc of lutcolin, while flavoncs were at nt from sections Flazw, Hi&e and 7i$k. Myricetin was found only in 7: Jbmiu.cana and 'T &/a (section Hir/ae) and iii T uffni,\\ and T nzacropoda (scction 7i;irrrtz.r). This is the first rcport of myricetin in 7ii.iCyrtis and in tlic Liliales. Also the co-occurrcncc of flavones and Havonols within the same plant, a s in 'T. idziiana var. rurugensis and T macrantha, is a rare event in this nrdcr. The flavonoid data are congruent with data f?om morphology, anatomy and molecular analysis in indicating the separation of section Brat./ygrti.c from the other three sections and in supporting a closr rclationship between sections HirtaP and 7Pigvh.r. 0 1999 The Linnran Siiciciy of I.ondon ADDITIONAI. KEY WORDS: -flavone -Havonols -lutcoliii -myricetin quercetin. isorhamnetin ~ kaempferol ~ Lilialca CONl'ENl'S
    Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 06/1993; · 2.59 Impact Factor