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    ABSTRACT: Abstract Laryngoscopy in cases of sulcus vocalis reveals bowed vocal folds, resulting in a spindle-shaped chink with glottal incompetence. The anatomic and functional problems and resulting incomplete glottal closure during phonation lead to the presenting symptoms of breathy hoarseness, decrease in maximum phonation time (MPT), and vocal fatigue. These symptoms, however, have been reported from the physician's viewpoint, not the patient's. Furthermore, no standardized guidelines for the treatment of sulcus vocalis have been established. Because the general attitude toward sulcus vocalis appears to have become 'It is only a vocal problem and does not significantly affect the patient's well-being,' knowledge of sulcus vocalis has decreased and knowledge about choices of therapy remain limited. We therefore conducted an epidemiological questionnaire survey on this pathological condition in voice clinics in seven hospitals in the Tokyo area to establish preliminary guidelines for the management of sulcus vocalis, in reference to the opinion of the patients. Here we report the summary of our preliminary study 'a survey for sulcus vocalis' and suggest guidelines for the management of such pathological conditions. Although these management guidelines may result in improvement in the symptoms of sulcus vocalis, patients and physicians should be aware that treatment of this condition is difficult and improvement is not guaranteed.
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    ABSTRACT: We used new criteria to elucidate the demographics of acute low-tone sensorineural hearing loss (ALHL) and tested the Chinese medicine Wu-Ling-San as a treatment for ALHL. We reviewed the medical records of patients with ALHL seen at the outpatient clinic of the Social Insurance Central General Hospital in Tokyo from April 2006 through August 2011. Patients were treated with an oral steroid, a diuretic, or Wu-Ling-San; alone or in combination. We identified 130 definite and 48 probable ALHL cases. The mean age and male-to-female ratio in probable cases were significantly higher than those in definite cases (p < 0.05). The steroid-Wu-Ling-San combination was significantly more effective (100% recovery) than the diuretic alone (59%), Wu-Ling-San alone (62%), or the steroid-diuretic combination (60%, p < 0.05). ALHL can develop in older patients more frequently than we expected. The steroid-Wu-Ling-San combination is a possible new treatment for ALHL.
    ORL 05/2012; 74(3):158-63. DOI:10.1159/000337819 · 1.10 Impact Factor