S.-B. Jung

Dong-A University, Tsau-liang-hai, Busan, South Korea

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  • K.H. Jung · S.B. Jung · H.K. Shin · C. Kim · Y.S. Kwon ·
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    ABSTRACT: We synthesized dendrimers containing light switchable units, azobenzene group. We also report the example of a dendrimer containing 48 azobenzene that is electrically conducting using STM. The dendrimer with azobenzene group compared trans form and cis form at electrical properties. By irradiation of 365 [nm] light, the trans state current of G4-48 Azo dendrimer was increased, which was originated by the photoisomerization process of the azobenzene group on the periphery from trans to cis form. All of the conductivities were ohmic, there is no evidence of polarization on switching the current direction, and the conductivity values remained constant for several hours. This demonstrates that the conductivity is electronic, not ionic. This suggests that optical behavior and conductivity change are affected by the functional group and symmetric chain.
    Synthetic Metals 09/2005; 152(1):285-288. DOI:10.1016/j.synthmet.2005.07.123 · 2.25 Impact Factor
  • S.-B. Jung · K.-S. Yang · SY Yoo · YS Kwon · C. Kim · B.-J. Lee ·
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    ABSTRACT: We synthesized the G4-48Azo dendrimer functionlized with azobenzene groups, fully reversible photo-isomerization reaction, in their periphery. We investigated monolayer behavior and its characteristics at air-water interface by LB method. And we observed the difference of molecular behavior and measured the surface pressure shift by 365[nm]light irradiation because of the photo-isomerization of the azobenzene group in their periphery. The electrical properties of the G4-48Azo dendrimer were compared with between trans form and cis form using metal/dendrimer LB film/metal(MIM)structure and STM system. And we obtained the difference of values in I-V characteristics using STM originating from the photo-isomerization of the azobenzene.
    Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 01/2004; 425(1):249-255. DOI:10.1080/15421400490506892 · 0.49 Impact Factor
  • S.-B. Jung · SY Yoo · C. Kim · YS Kwon ·
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    ABSTRACT: One of the most peculiar characteristics of dendritic macromolecules is their controlled molecular structure and orientation, which means that they have a practical application in achieving a highly organized molecular arrangement. We attempted to fabricate the G448PyP dendrimer Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) films containing 48 pyridinepropanol functional end group that could form a complex structure with metal ions. Also, we have investigated the surface activity at the air-water interface as well as the electrical properties for the monolayers of pure G4-48PyP dendrimer and its complex with Fe2+ ions. The electrical properties of the ultra-thin dendrimer LB films were investigated by studying the current-voltage characteristics of metal/dendrimer LB films/metal (MIM) structure. The calculated conductivity sigma values and barrier height phi(b) values of pure G4-48PyP dendrimer and its complexes with Fe2+ ions are 9.56x10(-16) and 1.46x10(-14) S/cm, 1.18 and 1.10 eV, respectively. As a result, the metal ion around G4-48PyP dendrimer can contribute to the formation of network structure among dendrimers and the change of electrical properties.
    Synthetic Metals 04/2003; 135:75-76. DOI:10.1016/S0379-6779(02)00559-3 · 2.25 Impact Factor
  • K. H Kang · J. M Kim · D. K Kim · S. B Jung · J. S Chang · Y. S Kwon ·
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    ABSTRACT: In this study, we fabricated the QCM with Langmuir–Blodgett (LB) film deposited at different subphase pH and investigated the resonant frequency response by the injection of organic gas response. In the π-A isotherm, the monolayer on the air/water interface had different limiting areas per molecule and showed more condensed status as increasing the subphase pH. When palmitic acid LB film was deposited on the QCM, the resonant frequency shift was proportional to the deposited layer and had more resonant frequency shift in the case of the higher pH range as expected. In the resonant frequency response for the injection of organic gas, frequency response has been improved in the case of LB film fabricated at the lower subphase pH range and dependent upon the molecular weight of organic gas. The frequency response of QCM for the injection of organic gases was mainly dependent upon the molecular weight of organic gas and the surface morphology of LB film.
    Sensors and Actuators B Chemical 06/2001; 77(1):293-296. DOI:10.1016/S0925-4005(01)00745-6 · 4.10 Impact Factor
  • S. B. Jung · S. Y. Yoo · B. J. Lee · J. C. Park · Y. S. Kwon ·
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    ABSTRACT: We fabricated insulating LB films using p-hexadecoxyphenol (p-Hp), which is amphiphilic phenol and can form polyion complexes with formaldehyde at the air-water interface. Also, the possibility for insulation layers of electronic devices was investigated such as conductivity, dielectric constant and activation energy. The conductivity, dielectric constant and activation energy of p-HP LB films are as follows: pure water > 1% formaldehyde subphase > heat-treatment of 1% formaldehyde subphase.
    Synthetic Metals 03/2001; 121(1):1411-1412. DOI:10.1016/S0379-6779(00)01108-5 · 2.25 Impact Factor
  • S. Y. Yoo · S. B. Jung · K. H. Kim · C. N. Jin · J. C. Park · Y. S. Kwon ·
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    ABSTRACT: The monolayer behaviors at the air-water interface and the electrical properties of IMI-O LB films according to complex formation were investigated by the surface pressure-area (pi-A) isotherms and electrical conductivity. The conductivity of LB films didn't represent any difference between pure water subphase and 1 [mmol] aqueous metal ions. However, the conductivity as to the increase of Fe3+ concentration was improved.
    Synthetic Metals 06/1999; 102(1):1432-1432. DOI:10.1016/S0379-6779(98)01114-X · 2.25 Impact Factor