Zhang Chengming

Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, Heilongjiang Sheng, China

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Publications (3)3.71 Total impact

  • Huang Xuzhen, Liu Jiaxi, Zhang Chengming, Li Liyi
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    ABSTRACT: This paper presents a finite element method approach for motor thermal analysis. Specifically, the 2-D temperature field model of a slotless tubular permanent magnet linear motor is established. The heat convection coefficients of the mover are then calculated based on fluid field analysis. This paper focuses on the winding to obtain an accurate winding temperature gradient distribution and to the highest temperature region from the high overload motor. Therefore, the improved equivalent layered model of the ring-shaped winding is particularly applied to the temperature field simulation of the tubular linear motor. As verification, the temperature rise of the motor is calculated accordingly, and the results are compared with the actual experiments.
    IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 05/2013; 41(5):1182-1187. · 0.87 Impact Factor
  • Li Liyi, Zhang Chengming, Yan Baiping, Li Xiaopeng
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    ABSTRACT: This paper proposes a giant magnetostrictive valve (GMV) which uses a tube giant magnetostrictive material (GMM) rod as the actuator. Based on the analysis of the structure and magnetic field of giant magnetostrictive actuator (GMA), a GMV is designed and manufactured. The output displacement characteristics of the GMA under different temperatures are tested. The maximum magneto-strain is about 1500 ppm and the response time is about 1.8 ms. Compared with the simulation of temperature-rise characteristic computed by finite element analysis software, the results show that the internal cooling effect is significant, and the GMA continues working in a relatively stable temperature range. Then, the test bench of the GMV is set and the flow control characteristic is tested. The results show that the internal cooling on-off type giant magnetostrictive valve has many merits including a fast response speed, a stable working temperature range and high precision flow control.
    IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 11/2011; · 1.42 Impact Factor
  • Kou Baoquan, Li Liyi, Zhang Chengming
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    ABSTRACT: Release-launch is a fundamental operation in space platform. Not like traditional land-base launcher, space-base launcher is more flexible and more efficient. Tubular linear electromagnetic launcher (TLEML), which provides higher force density, simple structure and no unilateral magnetic force, compared with the flat linear electromagnetic launcher, is more suitable for space platform. It can easily meet the demand such as little volume, light weight and high control precision. This paper analyzes and optimizes the thrust characteristics of tubular linear permanent magnet synchronous motors (TL-PMSM) for electromagnetic launcher, including different topologies, interior permanent magnet (IPM) and surface-mounted permanent magnet (SPM). First, build up the finite element model for the two kinds of TLEML and calculate the magnetic field. Then thrust force fluctuation figures are obtained by finite element analysis considering the pole/arc ratio, the pole pitch and the inner diameter/outer diameter ratio of the stator. The result shows that it can improve the thrust characteristic and decrease the cogging force by optimizing the parameters of the motor.
    IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 02/2009; · 1.42 Impact Factor