N. V. Ostrovskaya

Research Institute of Physical Problems F.V. Lukin, Moskva, Moscow, Russia

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  • N. V. Ostrovskaya · A. F. Popkov ·
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    ABSTRACT: Self-localized domain wall (DW) oscillations in a uniaxial ferromagnet in the presence of dissipation and a periodic homogeneous magnetic field are under investigation. On the basis of perturbation theory and the direct numerical solution of magnetodynamic equations, the stabilization conditions of soliton-like domain wall oscillations have been found. For a given frequency of pumping field, the narrow range of field magnitude, where the effects of self-organization on the domain wall appear, has been discovered. The threshold of the external field amplitude, when the generation of Bloch lines in the domain wall starts, has been obtained approximately. Such generation is the initial stage of chaotization of the domain wall under the parametric pump, which has been observed in the numerical experiments.
    Radio Science 11/1996; 31(6):1941-1947. DOI:10.1029/96RS01876 · 1.44 Impact Factor
  • YK Fetisov · N. V. Ostrovskaya · AF Popkov ·
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    ABSTRACT: The theory describing parametrical interaction of magnetostatic backward volume waves (MSBVW) in a space‐time periodic magnetic field was developed. Forward and backward scattering of MSBVW propagating in a 20‐μm‐thick yttrium‐iron‐garnet film at a central frequency of 3 GHz was observed. A space‐time periodic magnetic field with a spatial period of 500 μm, a frequency in the range 20–150 MHz, and a magnitude up to 10 Oe was created by ac current passing through a meander line placed on the film surface. An interaction bandwidth of 20 MHz and an efficiency of up to 10% have been obtained in accordance with theoretical predictions. © 1996 American Institute of Physics.
    Journal of Applied Physics 05/1996; 79(8-79):5730 - 5732. DOI:10.1063/1.362233 · 2.18 Impact Factor
  • A. F. Popkov · N. V. Ostrovskaya · L. L. Savchenko ·

    Proceedings of the III international workshop on nonlinear microwave magnetic and magnetooptic information processing on Nonlinear microwave signal processing : towards a new range of devices: towards a new range of devices; 01/1996
  • A. F. Popkov · A. V. Medved · N. V. Ostrovskaya · R. G. Kryshtal ·
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    ABSTRACT: Possibility of using magnetostatic wave scattering by a surface acoustic wave for transformation of impulse signal time scale is considered. Processes of parametric transformation of magnetostatic waves by a modulated surface acoustic wave in linear regime are studied. Influence of the acoustic pumping and the pulse duration on evolution the signal and the transformed impulse shapes as well as influence of dissipation on impulse scattering processes are analyzed.