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    ABSTRACT: This paper presents the design and hardware implementation and testing of 20kVA Gen-1 silicon based solid state transformer (SST), the high input voltage and high voltage isolation requirement are two major concerns for the SST design. So a 6.5kV 25A dual IGBT module has been customized packaged specially for this high voltage low current application, and an optically coupled high voltage sensor and IGBT gate driver has been designed in order to fulfill the high voltage isolation requirement. This paper also discusses the auxiliary power supply structure and thermal management for the SST power stage.
    Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC), 2011 Twenty-Sixth Annual IEEE; 04/2011
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    Xu She · Alex Q. Huang · Gangyao Wang · Tiefu Zhao · Fei Wang · Wenxi Yao ·
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    ABSTRACT: Voltage-balancing controller in cascaded multilevel converters has been discussed extensively in previous literatures where several effective methods have been proposed. The coupling effect between a voltage-balancing controller and the original system controller is however not addressed comprehensively. This paper proposes a new voltage-balancing controller for single-phase cascaded multilevel converters in a d-q coordinate. The theoretical finding shows that the proposed method can effectively eliminate the coupling between two controllers in both steady and dynamic state. Simulation and experimental results validate the proposed method.
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    ABSTRACT: This paper presents and compares different control strategies for 20 kVA silicon IGBT based solid state transformer (SST). The SST has a cascaded seven level rectifier stage, three output parallel Dual Active Bridge (DAB) DC/DC stage and an inverter stage. The voltage of the three high voltage capacitors must be balanced for the safe operation of the IGBTs, however, the mismatch of power devices parameters and variance of high frequency transformer leakage inductance of the DAB stage will cause voltage unbalance for these capacitors as well as the power unbalance of the three output parallel DAB stages. This paper analyzed these effects and discussed the limitations and merits for several different control strategies. The newly proposed control strategy for the SST has been determined as the most suitable strategy in terms of performance and simplicity. Simulation and experiment results are presented to validate the analysis.