Shuguang He

Tianjin University, T’ien-ching-shih, Tianjin Shi, China

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    ABSTRACT: The central composite design in the modeling and optimization of catalytic dehydration of ethanol to ethylene was performed to improve the ethylene yield. A total of 20 experiments at random were conducted to investigate the effect of reaction temperature, Si/Al ratios of H-ZSM-5 catalyst and liquid hourly space velocity (LHSV) on the ethylene yield. The results show that the relationship between ethylene yield and the three significant independent variables can be approximated by a nonlinear polynomial model, with R-squared of 99.9% and adjusted R-squared of 99.8%. The maximal response for ethylene yield is 93.4% under the optimal condition of 328 °C, Si/Al ratio 85, and LHSV 3.8 h−1.
    Transactions of Tianjin University 10/2009; 15(5):366-370.
  • Li Li, Shuguang He, E.-S. Qi
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    ABSTRACT: In the course of software development, the requirements often change significantly. Based on the analysis of software requirement variations, we introduce a new approach to measurement of requirement changes based on the six-sigma methods. The framework of GQM (Goal-Question-Metric) and the process of DMAIC (Define-Measurement-Analysis- Improvement-Control) in six-sigma were combined for application in the management of software projects. The change metrics are presented based on GQM, and the requirement changes are classified according to their effect in project quality. Further, statistical methods were used in the analysis and the control of these requirement changes. Finally, we illustrate our approach with a business case.
    Advanced Management of Information for Globalized Enterprises, 2008. AMIGE 2008. IEEE Symposium on; 10/2008
  • Shuguang He, Li Li, Ershi Qi
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    ABSTRACT: Compared with other manufacturing processes, the process of semiconductor assembly has several particular characteristics: highly automated manufacturing processes, high manufacturing speed and multivariate critical quality characteristics. Based on the requirements of continuous quality improvement in semiconductor assembly processes, a method of material quality tracking and controlling with SPC chart was put forward. With this method, the sampling program can be adjusted according to the quality record of a supplier. And then a framework of 3-layer SPC was put forward. In this framework, the CTQ, qualification rate of processes, and qualification rate of final products can be controlled by proper SPC chart in different layer and this method is helpful to avoid unqualified products effectively. Furthermore, a model of quality improvement in semiconductor assembly with SPC and data mining was studied. This model can be used for improving the ability of process diagnosing and shortening the diagnosing time. At last, a structure of an integrated quality information system for semiconductor assembly was put forward. The result of this paper may be helpful for the continuous quality improvement in semiconductor assembly processes and it can also be used in other similar processes.
    Technology and Innovation Conference, 2006. ITIC 2006. International; 12/2006
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    ABSTRACT: Listed park companies are special colony of Chinese economic structure after reform and opening up. This paper takes listed park companies into account and studies the service styles and payoff patterns in listed companies. At the beginning, the listed park companies and their characteristics are analyzed by taking Company X as example. Then the main service styles are brought forward after a contrast analysis between ten of main companies. At the end, a payoff pattern for listed companies currently is discussed by research on Company X
    Service Operations and Logistics, and Informatics, 2006. SOLI '06. IEEE International Conference on; 07/2006
  • Zhen He, Qing'an Cui, Shuguang He
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    ABSTRACT: Based on the extensive literature review and the philosophy of integration of quality tools, the paper develops integrated quality information system (IQIS) software, and applies it to a manufacturing company. The software integrates the quality tools as well as the process quality information. It provides guidance for locating bottleneck process through integrated data analysis and also supports six sigma process improvement. The result shows that the application of IQIS can optimize the process of design and manufacturing, shorten the cycle time of product, reduce the cost, and realize quality improvement continuously
    Management of Innovation and Technology, 2006 IEEE International Conference on; 07/2006