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Yonsei University, Sŏul, Seoul, South Korea

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  • J. Lee · Y.-C. Park · D.-H. Youn ·
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    ABSTRACT: Recently, a variable step-size affine projection (VSS-AP) algorithm has been introduced. The algorithm provides faster convergence rate and lower misadjustment but has heavy computational complexity. Proposed is a new variable step-size pseudo affine projection (VSS-PAP) algorithm, which not only has a much lower complexity than the VSS-AP algorithm but also provides performance comparable with the conventional algorithm. Simulation results confirm fast convergence rate and small misalignment of the proposed algorithm with less computational complexity.
    Electronics Letters 02/2008; 44(3-44):250 - 251. DOI:10.1049/el:20083379 · 0.93 Impact Factor
  • KS Lee · YC Park · DH Youn ·
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    ABSTRACT: This paper proposes optimization techniques to implement MPEG audio decoding algorithms in real-time using general-purpose 32-bit MCU RISC processor. Both MP3 and AAC LC profile decoding algorithms can be partitioned into two parts: control-intensive part and computation-intensive part. Optimization techniques in this study are focused on developing methodologies that are suitable for each part. We implemented MP3/AAC decoder using ARM-based RISC MPU and its test board. The both designed decoders with proposed optimizations could achieve decoding processes in real-time within an operating frequency of 35 MHz. And ISO 13818-4 compliance test results confirmed that the proposed decoders ensured full compliance with ISO 13818-3 audio decoder. These implementation results illustrate the efficiency of the proposed design methodology in both performance and cost.
    21st Annual International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE); 08/2002
  • KH Bang · NH Jeong · JS Kim · YC Park · DH Youn ·
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, a digital audio-specific DSP core designed for dual MP3/AAC decoder is presented. The processing core is a 20-bit fixed-point programmable DSP having an architecture suitable for audio signal processing. It supports special instructions like UNPACK, HUFFMAN as well as general arithmetic and logical instructions including pipelined-MAC. All instructions are completed within a single cycle. The DSP core is realized in a 0.35mum 3.3V CMOS technology and operates at 40MHz. The implemented DSP core with a dedicated hardware accelerator can decode MP3 using only 13.33 MIPS and AAC using only 16.9 MIPS with high efficiency.
    21st Annual International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE); 01/2002
  • HO Oh · JS Kim · CJ Song · YC Park · DH Youn ·
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, we propose novel techniques for the implementation of MPEG/Audio (Layer II and Layer III) encoder. The proposed techniques concern implementing the encoder with a minimum complexity. As an effort to minimize the complexity, the ISO psycho-acoustic model (PAM) is simplified that often demands significant computational power of the implementation system. The simplification follows the statistical behavior of the PAM. A fast bit allocation algorithm is also developed, in which the quantizer step size is updated dynamically and adaptively according to input signal statistics. The performance of the developed techniques is verified via subjective tests as well as statistical analyses. Real-time implementations are tried for MEPG/Audio Layer II and Layer III encoders employing the proposed algorithms. The implemented systems show that the developed encoders can be as simple as decoders, but still produce bitstreams of high audio quality.
    IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics 08/2001; 47(3):613-621. · 1.05 Impact Factor
  • KH Lee · KS Lee · TH Hwang · YC Park · DH Youn ·
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    ABSTRACT: An architecture of MP3 decoder using dual-core DSP is proposed and implemented. It is suitable for portable communication devices such as cellular phones because of high audio quality low-power consumption and cost efficiency.
    20th IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE); 01/2001
  • KH Bang · JS Kim · NH Jeong · YC Park · DH Youn ·
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, an optimized design for the 2-channel main-profile MPEG-2 AAC decoder is presented. For an enable efficient job scheduling and allocation, the design consists of three hardware modules: Huffman decoder, predictor, and processing core. Huffman decoder is designed to complete the requested job within 1 clock cycle time and the predictor forms parallel processing with other modules, so that utilization of the system resource is maximized. The developed decoder decodes stereo MPEG-2 AAC bitstreams in real-time using 16.9 MIPS with high efficiency.
    20th IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE); 01/2001
  • HO Oh · JS Kim · CJ Song · YC Park · DH Youn ·
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, we present novel MPEG/Audio (both MP2 and MP3) encoder implementation techniques. Efficient methods of reducing the computational loads for the most compute-intensive routines are proposed. These methods are simplified Psycho-acoustic model and fast bit allocation. By adopting them, the proposed encoders can produce an ISO/MPEG compliant bitstream with greatly reduced computational loads. Two separately implemented encoders verify the effectiveness of the proposed architectures in efficiency and quality.
    20th IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE); 01/2001
  • KH Lee · DH Youn · C Lee ·
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    ABSTRACT: A new interpolation filtering architecture using block structure and look-up table (LUT) is proposed. Using parallel processing inherited from block structure, the filtering rate and the power consumption are lowered, which makes the proposed architecture appropriate for the modulator in mobile communication system. Also, applying the symmetric property of filter coefficients, the LUT size and memory requirement are reduced. The proposed filter architecture is generalized by reconstructing the LUT. As a design result, comparison with the prior LUT-based architectures showed that the proposed filter architecture is more area-efficient.
    8th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems; 01/2001
  • HO Oh · JW Seok · JW Hong · DH Youn ·
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    ABSTRACT: Conventional echo watermarking techniques often exhibit inherent trade-offs between imperceptibility and robustness. in this paper, a new echo embedding technique is proposed. The proposed method enables one to embed high energy echoes while the host audio quality is not deteriorated, so that it is robust to common signal processing modifications and resistant to tampering. It is possible due to echo kernels that are designed based, on psychoacoustic analyses. Subjective and objective evaluations confirmed that the proposed method could improve the robustness without perceptible distortion.
    IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal; 01/2001
  • J.H. Lee · Y.C. Park · D.H. Youn ·
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    ABSTRACT: An efficient method for controlling the echo in a continuously variable slope delta modulation (CVSD) mobile communication channel is proposed. By utilising the symmetry of the coder pairs, the proposed method shortens the echo path length and reduces the nonlinear distortion inherent in the coders. An additional advantage for the VLSI implementation is obtained using the combined bit-stream. The proposed method shows an improved echo return loss enhancement (ERLE) performance and reduced complexity compared to the conventional method.
    Electronics Letters 06/2000; 36(11-36):994 - 996. DOI:10.1049/el:20000697 · 0.93 Impact Factor
  • SY Kim · HO Oh · KS Lee · KS Kim · DH Youn · JY Lee ·
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, a real-time implementation of the MPEG-2 audio encoding system is presented. The system is made up of eleven highly-parallel DSP processors, which are distributed in five slave engines and one master unit. Each slave engine consists of two processors which perform the subband analysis and psychoacoustic modeling, respectively. The master board comprising a single processor performs the bit allocation, quantization and bit-stream formatting up to five channels. To utilize the full capacity of the system, the job scheduling is optimized and distributed to each slave board after analyzing the flow of the MPEG-2 algorithm and the amount of computation at each stage.
    IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics 08/1997; 43(3):593-597. · 1.05 Impact Factor
  • Y.S. Choi · S.W. Park · D.H. Youn ·
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    ABSTRACT: A fast vector-sum codebook search method for low bit rate speech coding is presented. In this method, the codebook search is simplified by designing a vector-sum codebook that consists of orthonormal regular pulse basis vectors. A further simplification is achieved by adopting backward filtering. The method proposed has significantly reduced computational complexity, compared with the conventional VSELP, without producing any additional degradation in the quality of the synthesised speech
    Electronics Letters 04/1997; 33(6-33):451 - 452. DOI:10.1049/el:19970343 · 0.93 Impact Factor
  • Y.C. Park · H.T. Sung · D.H. Youn ·
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    ABSTRACT: The authors present an adaptive eigenfilter implementing the optimum moving target indication (MTI) processor. The method presented shows a fast convergence capability as well as better steady-state performance than the prediction error filter (PEF). Moreover, the arithmetic efficiency of the method results from using modular processing architecture which takes advantage of the Gram-Schmidt (GS) processor
    Electronics Letters 09/1996; 32(18-32):1654. DOI:10.1049/el:19961138 · 0.93 Impact Factor
  • SC Han · SK Yoo · SW Park · NH Jeong · JS Kim · KS Kim · YT Han · DH Youn ·
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    ABSTRACT: MPEG-2 audio is the subband coding technology used for various audio applications. This paper presents a semi-custom ASIC design for the MPEG-2 audio decoder. The decoder implemented in this paper meets the requirements of MPEG-2 international standard, and is divided into three parts : the preprocessor, the multichannel processor, acid the synthesis filter, The decoder system has been designed in VHDL(VHSIC Hardware Description Language), and developed as a single chip in a 0.6 mu m CMOS semiconductor process.
    IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics 08/1996; 42(3):540-545. · 1.05 Impact Factor
  • SC Han · SK Yoo · NH Jeong · SW Park · JS Kim · YT Han · DH Youn ·

    1996 International Conference on Consumer Electronics (1996 ICCE); 01/1996
  • B.J. Kwak · K.M. Kim · I.W. Cha · D.H. Youn ·
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    ABSTRACT: The authors derive expressions of the output signal-to-interference plus noise ratio (SINR) of the linearly constrained narrowband beamformer in noncoherent situations using a vector approach. Numerical results are included
    IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 11/1993; 41(10-41):1462 - 1464. DOI:10.1109/8.247789 · 2.18 Impact Factor
  • Y.C. Park · W.K. Kim · D H Youn ·
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    ABSTRACT: The authors propose an adaptive processor implementing an optimum moving target indicator (MTI) in the sense of maximizing the improvement factor (IF). A multichannel scheme for preventing coefficient fluctuation due to the presence of target echoes or impulse interferences is also discussed. The proposed eigenfilter recursively estimates the minimum eigenvector of the input clutter covariance matrix based on the inverse power method (IPM). In the proposed scheme, the IPM iteration is performed in a numerically efficient way using systolic processing architectures. Simulation results demonstrate that the convergence speed of the eigenfilter is faster than that of the prediction error filters and IF values of the eigenfilter always approach the optimum. The multichannel adaptive eigenfilter is shown to be a robust scheme preventing coefficient fluctuation in the presence of target echoes
    Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, 1993. ICASSP-93., 1993 IEEE International Conference on; 05/1993
  • Y.C. Park · K.Y. Lee · D.H. Youn · N.H. Kim · W.K. Kim · S.H. Park ·
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    ABSTRACT: An efficient algorithm detecting the presence of a fetal QRS complex is presented. The proposed fetal QRS detection method computes the averaged magnitude of the difference between the fetal ECG signal and the reference signal to detect the fetal QRS event. The detected fetal QRS complexes are exponentially averaged to generate the template signal which can track the slowly varying shape of the fetal ECG signal. As an effort to obtain improved detection performances, two approaches of normalizing the fetal ECG signal and the template are considered.
    IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 09/1992; 39(8):868-71. DOI:10.1109/10.148396 · 2.35 Impact Factor
  • K.M. Kim · Y.C. Park · I.W. Cha · D.H. Youn ·
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    ABSTRACT: An adaptive digital filter structure which can be used in multichannel noise-canceling applications is described. The proposed structure is obtained by creating a hybrid from the lattice and the escalator (Gram-Schmidt) structures, with the coefficients being updated using the least mean square (LMS) algorithm. As an application, the proposed adaptive multichannel digital filter is applied to implement an adaptive generalized sidelobe canceler
    IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 08/1992; 40(7-40):1816 - 1819. DOI:10.1109/78.143453 · 2.79 Impact Factor
  • Je H.Lee · Jeong T.Seo · Yong C.Park · D.H. Youn · Taek S.Oh ·
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    ABSTRACT: A discrete cosine transform (DCT)-based block adaptive image data compression scheme is proposed for a home-use digital video cassette recorder (VCR). The technique maintains a high picture quality at a moderate bit rate. To attain a reasonable picture quality in high-speed playback, a segment forming method and a recording sequence of the encoded data were developed. The coding constraints for high-speed playback are reviewed. The coding scheme proposed for bit rate reduction in a digital VCR is described. Computer simulation results are presented. The simulation results show that the bit rate reduction scheme could attain not only subjectively good picture quality in normal-speed playback, but also an acceptable picture quality in high-speed playback
    IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics 08/1992; 38(3):236-242. DOI:10.1109/30.156689 · 1.05 Impact Factor

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