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    ABSTRACT: Kosovo as a newer state, characterized with political, economical and cultural transition is touched by suicide phenomenon. Aim of this survey is to analyze prevalence of suicide in Kosova for period 2000-2008 and in particular for 2007-2008. Survey is retrospective one and data were taken from Statistical Office of Kosova and Kosovar Police Service report. Cases are analysed due to demographic characteristics as sex, age group, years, dwelling place, months, week days and methods of suicides. After the war there is an increase of suicides as it is presented with basic index. For year 2000, there is an increase of 122% compared with cases on 1983, then the highest increase is for 2001 with 711.1%. After 2005 there is a slight decrease of suicides with trend of y = 58-8X. Due to sex, suicides are significantly higher at males than females for both years, with 78.9% for 2007 and 74.5% for 2008. The highest number of suicides is found at age groups 21-30 and 31-40 years with 21.1% for 2007 and 21-30 and 41-50 years with 25.5% for 2008. Average age for suicide victims is 42 years for 2007 and 44 years for 2008. Suicides are more frequent at rural places but not significantly. Greatest percentage of suicides was on July with 21.1% for 2007 and June and October with 15.7% for 2008. On 2007 the highest percentage of suicides was on Wednesdays with 21.1% and on 2008 was on Tuesdays with 19.6%. Due to the time of day, the most frequent time for suicides was 16-18.00 for 2007 and for 2008 the greatest percentage of suicide is on unknown time with 27.5%. The most frequent method of suicide was hanging for both years, with 64.9% for 2007, and 52.9% for 2008, fire arm with 14% for 2007 and 21.6% for 2008 and poisoning with 5.3% for 2007 and 11.8% for 2008. Suicides are most frequent at rural places but not significantly. Suicides due to sex are significantly higher in males than females in all age groups. Average age of suicide victims is rising from 42 years for 2007 to 44 years for 2008. Suicides are more frequent at rural places and the greatest percentage of suicides due to months was on July for 2007 and June and October for 2008, on Wednesdays for 2007 and Tuesdays for 2008. PROPOSED MEASURES: Suicides are consequence of socioeconomic, psychological and political problems as unemployment and poverty. For challenging suicide phenomenon there is a need for multi-sectoral approach involving health and non health sector as politics, labor, education and media.
    Medical Archives 01/2010; 64(1):44-7.