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    ABSTRACT: Glucose‑regulated protein 78 [GRP78, also termed binding immunoglobulin heavy chain protein (Bip)] may be involved in cancer progression and metastasis. However, to date there has been minimal investigation into its potential role in human prostate cancer cells. Recent studies have demonstrated that asymmetric small interfering RNA (asiRNA)‑mediated gene silencing is more effective and longer‑lasting than conventional symmetric siRNA. Thus, the current study aimed to investigate the effects of GRP78‑specific asiRNA on human prostate cancer cells. A series of asiRNAs was synthesized and their efficiency in silencing GRP78 expression in PC‑3 human prostate cancer cells was evaluated. The effects of knockdown using asiRNAs were compared to those of knockdown using symmetric siRNAs. The effect of GRP78 silencing on PC‑3 cell apoptosis and migration, and the possible mechanisms governing these biological processes were examined. Compared with the symmetric siRNA, transfection with the 15 base pair asiRNA (asiGRP78‑3) resulted in greater downregulation of GRP78 expression. GRP78 depletion in PC‑3 cells resulted in increased apoptosis and decreased migration of these cells. Experiments investigating the underlying mechanisms of these effects revealed that knockdown of GRP78 attenuated protein kinase B activation and decreased the expression of pro‑caspase 9, pro‑caspase 3 and vimentin. In conclusion, knockdown of GRP78/Bip expression with asymmetric siRNA led to increased prostate cancer cell apoptosis and reduced cellular migration.
    Molecular Medicine Reports 10/2014; 11(1). DOI:10.3892/mmr.2014.2737 · 1.55 Impact Factor
  • Guangzhou Chen · Kejun Chen · Yong Zhang ·
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    ABSTRACT: In statistical planning of experiments, super-simple designs are the ones providing samples with maximum intersection as small as possible. Supersimple group divisible designs are useful in constructing other types of supersimple designs which can be applied to codes and designs. In this article, the existence of a super-simple (5, 4)-GDD of group type g u is investigated and it is shown that such a design exists if and only if u ⩾ 5, g(u − 2) ⩾ 12, and u(u − 1)g 2 ≡ 0 (mod 5) with some possible exceptions.
    Frontiers of Mathematics in China 10/2014; 9(5). DOI:10.1007/s11464-014-0393-3 · 0.50 Impact Factor
  • Guigang Zhang · Chao Li · Yong Zhang · Chunxiao Xing ·
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    ABSTRACT: Big data is playing a more and more important role in every area such as medical health, internet finance, culture and education etc. How to process these big data efficiently is a huge challenge. MapReduce is a good parallel programming language to process big data. However, it has lots of shortcomings. For example, it cannot process complex computing. It cannot suit real-time computing. In order to overcome these shortcomings of MapReduce and its variants, in this paper, we propose a Semantic++ MapReduce parallel programming model. This study includes the following parts. (1) Semantic++ MapReduce parallel programming model. It includes physical framework of semantic++ MapReduce parallel programming model and logic framework of semantic++ MapReduce parallel programming model; (2) Semantic++ extraction and management method for big data; (3) Semantic++ MapReduce parallel programming computing framework. It includes semantic++ map, semantic++ reduce and semantic++ shuffle; (4) Semantic++ MapReduce for multi-data centers. It includes basic framework of semantic++ MapReduce for multi-data centers and semantic++ MapReduce application framework for multi-data centers; (5) A Case Study of semantic++ MapReduce across multi-data centers.
    International Journal of Semantic Computing 09/2014; 08(03):279-299. DOI:10.1142/S1793351X14400091
  • Yong Zhang · Kejun Chen · Nanyuan Cao · Hantao Zhang ·
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, a strongly symmetric self-orthogonal diagonal Latin square of order nn with a special property (∗∗SSSODLS(nn)) is introduced. It is proved that a ∗∗SSSODLS(nn) exists if and only if n≡0(mod4) and n≠4n≠4. As an application, it is shown that there exists a Yang Hui type magic square YMS(n,4)(n,4) if and only if n≡0(mod4) and n≠4n≠4.
    Discrete Mathematics 08/2014; 328(1):79–87. DOI:10.1016/j.disc.2014.04.002 · 0.56 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Big data processing is one of the hot scientific issues in the current social development. MapReduce is an important foundation for big data processing. In this paper, we propose a semantic++ MapReduce. This study includes four parts. (1) Semantic++ extraction and management for big data. We will do research about the automatically extracting, labeling and management methods for big data's semantic++ information. (2) SMRPL (Semantic++ MapReduce Programming Language). It is a declarative programming language which is close to the human thinking and be used to program for big data's applications. (3) Semantic++ MapReduce compilation methods. (4) Semantic++ MapReduce computing technology. It includes three parts. 1) Analysis of semantic++ index information of the data block, the description of the semantic++ index structure and semantic++ index information automatic loading method. 2) Analysis of all kinds of semantic++ operations such as semantic++ sorting, semantic++ grouping, semantic+++ merging and semantic++ query in the map and reduce phases. 3) Shuffle scheduling strategy based on semantic++ techniques. This paper's research will optimize the MapReduce and enhance its processing efficiency and ability. Our research will provide theoretical and technological accumulation for intelligent processing of big data.
    2014 IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC); 06/2014
  • Xinhuan Chen · Yong Zhang · Chunxiao Xing · Xiao Liu · Hsinchun Chen ·
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    ABSTRACT: With 98.4 million people diagnosed with diabetes in China, most of the Chinese health websites provide diabetes related news and articles in diabetes subsection for patients. However, most of the articles are uncategorized and without a clear topic or theme, resulting in time consuming information seeking experience. To address this issue, we propose an advanced deep learning approach to detect topics for diabetes related articles from health websites. Our research framework for topic detection on diabetes related articles in Chinese is the first one to incorporate deep learning in topic detection in Chinese. It can identify topics of diabetes articles with high performance and potentially assist health information seeking. To evaluate our framework, experiment is conducted on a test bed of 12,000 articles. The results showed the framework achieved an accuracy of 70% in detecting topics and significantly outperformed the SVM based approach.
    01/2014: pages 13-24;
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    ABSTRACT: Purpose ‐ This paper aims to introduce dataspace into digital libraries in order to address its emerging data management challenges which stem from cross-domain, heterogeneous, and uncertain nature of data resources, based on looking into the fundamental principles, significant features, and research directions of dataspace. Design/methodology/approach ‐ This research mainly employs three types of research methodologies: a literature study was conducted for revealing the fundamental principles, analyzing the significant features, and discussing the new research topics; knowledge engineering methodology is used to design the data model; software engineering methodology is applied to develop the reference framework and the digital library. Findings ‐ This paper for the first time proposes a motion to build a Dataspace Support Digital Library (DSDL), and provides its data model, data management policies and a reference framework. Further, its implementation is described and some implications learned from the case study are also discussed. Practical implications ‐ Introducing dataspace technologies into developing a digital library frees the developer to just focus on solving business challenges, rather than addressing non-business related, data management level tasks. In addition, the data model and the reference framework presented in this paper lay foundations for constructing Dataspace Support Digital Libraries. Originality/value ‐ This is the first paper to introduce dataspaces into the design of digital libraries and is also the first paper to propose a novel data model, data management and reference framework for Dataspace Support Digital Libraries.
    The Electronic Library 11/2013; 31(6). DOI:10.1108/EL-02-2012-0017 · 0.50 Impact Factor
  • Chao Lan · Yong Zhang · Pengfei Ma · Chunxiao Xing ·
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, we focus on evaluating different storage strategies of different kinds of data and their index stored in Punt Table. Punt Table is a NoSQL database designed for elastic objects storage. Punt Table uses a schema-free way to store and get the objects and builds indices to support querying the fields inside the objects. In order to achieve high throughput and low latency, Punt Table is designed using multiple content storage engine and index storage engine through two interfaces, Punt Store and Punt Index. Punt Store and Punt Index are designed as the storage layer of Punt Table. Both the objects content and their indices could choose to adopt the most suitable storage layer for current data set. Punt Table was tested and evaluated for the performance of object data and index store combination under test data sets with different single record sizes that are picked to simulate the real application scenarios. The result reveals that the proper configuration of storage layer for a particular data set could improve the throughput and drop the latency dramatically.
    2013 10th Web Information System and Application Conference (WISA); 11/2013
  • Jiayong Tang · Fei Yang · Yong Zhang · Chunxiao Xing ·
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    ABSTRACT: Key-value data store has been widely used in e-commerce systems. The availability issue, which means no data loss and continuous service to users, is quite essential in such systems. This paper presents a lightweight, highly available architecture of key-value data store. This architecture uses a Paxos-based replication protocol to make synchronous replications among replicas. The replication protocol enjoys good performance and consistency, and proves to fit key-value model well. By integrating the high-performance replication module with local data store engine, the real system implemented can tolerant up to (N/2-1) failures without any loss of data and provide continuous service as usual. With these desired properties, the system can be used to develop highly available e-commerce systems and provide "always-on" services to users.
    2013 10th Web Information System and Application Conference (WISA); 11/2013
  • Pengfei Ma · Yanshen Yin · Chao Lan · Yong Zhang · Chunxiao Xing ·
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    ABSTRACT: The Web File Management System (WFMS) is a distributed file system, which is designed for frequency reading of various file sizes. It consists of one single master and multi data servers. We use blocks to store data, which contains different size of chunks. The block/chunk mechanism achieves nearly 100% utilization of block. We also design hot block to raise the reading speed of frequency blocks through increasing the replicas automatically. WFMS works on the web exposing Restful services and providing authority control. Besides, we implement our search engine with Lucene which provides query service by file name, file size, file type, date, owner and so on. Until now, our system has stored over 40TB data which contains more than 2 million files and it has worked stably for two years.
    2013 10th Web Information System and Application Conference (WISA); 11/2013
  • Jie Li · Zhuo Liu · Chunxiao Xing · Yong Zhang · Chao Li ·
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    ABSTRACT: Geographic information system is more and more widely used in our daily lives, it plays an increasingly important role in transportation, urban planning, and resource management. An effective testing method is required to ensure the correctness. At the same time, MongoDB can provide applications with lightweight scalability and high-performance data storage solutions. This paper uses CppUnit unit testing tool to test GIS applications read and write operations interface whose data is distributed in MongoDB. Based on CppUnit unit testing framework, we design the GIS application interface testing framework. Writing GIS application interface functions with the idea of Test-Driven development. Then we generated 500 million test data by the coordinate pan with the Beijing area MapInfo data and doing a detailed functional test for GIS interface.
    2013 10th Web Information System and Application Conference (WISA); 11/2013
  • Guigang Zhang · Chao Li · Yong Zhang · Chunxiao Xing ·
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    ABSTRACT: Electronic records are playing more and more important role in the today's society. However, how to protect the electronic records' security is facing a big challenge, too. The traditional security model such as the PKI can't satisfy the security requirements again. In this paper, we propose a kind of new electronic records security model for long-term preservation, and we name this model PKI-d. In this model, we design an identity card for every electronic record. We modify the model based on the traditional PKI model. Through the electronic record ID card and the PKI-d, we can provide an effect protection mechanism for electronic records' long-term preservation. And now, our security model and methods have been applied in the Beijing archives project. We use this model to provide the security protection for massive archives in the Beijing digital archives.
    2013 10th Web Information System and Application Conference (WISA); 11/2013
  • Yong Zhang · Jianguo Lei ·
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    ABSTRACT: Large sets of orthogonal arrays (LOAs) have been used to construct resilient functions and zigzag functions by Stinson. In this paper, an application of LOAs in constructing multimagic rectangles is given. Further, some recursive constructions for multimagic rectangles are presented, and some infinite families of bimagic rectangles are obtained.
    Discrete Mathematics 09/2013; 313(18):1823–1831. DOI:10.1016/j.disc.2013.05.011 · 0.56 Impact Factor
  • Yong Zhang · Kejun Chen · Jianguo Lei ·
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    ABSTRACT: Large sets of orthogonal arrays (LOA) have been used to construct resilient functions and zigzag functions by D. R. Stinson. In this paper, a special kind of LOA, strong double large sets of orthogonal arrays (SDLOA), is introduced and some constructions are provided. Meanwhile, a construction of multimagic squares based on SDLOAs is also given. As its application, it is proved that a t-multimagic square of order exists whenever q is a prime power and , , which improves a similar result by H. Derksen et al. from primes to prime powers in Amer. Math. Monthly (2007).
    Journal of Combinatorial Designs 09/2013; 21(9). DOI:10.1002/jcd.21338 · 0.66 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: In the research of the propagation model of complex network, it is of theoretical and practical significance to detect the most influential spreaders. Global metrics such as degree centrality, closeness centrality, betweenness centrality and K-shell centrality can be used to identify the influential spreaders. These approaches are simple but have low accuracy. We propose K-shell and Community centrality (KSC) model. This model considers not only the internal properties of nodes but also the external properties of nodes, such as the com-munity which these nodes belong to. The Susceptible-Infected-Recovered (SIR) model is used to evaluate the performance of KSC model. The experiment result shows that our method is better to identify the most influential nodes. This paper comes up with a new idea and method for the study in this field.
    Proceedings of the 14th international conference on Web-Age Information Management; 06/2013
  • Yong Zhang · Wen Li · Jian Guo Lei ·
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    ABSTRACT: A weakly pandiagonal Latin square of order n over the number set {0,1,...,n - 1} is a Latin square having the property that the sum of the n numbers in each of 2n diagonals is the same. In this paper, we shall prove that a pair of orthogonal weakly pandiagonal Latin squares of order n exists if and only if n ≡ 0,1,3 (mod 4) and n ≠ 3. © 2013 Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Mathematical Society and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.
    Acta Mathematica Sinica 06/2013; 29(6). DOI:10.1007/s10114-013-2274-1 · 0.48 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Plasmodium falciparum infection of human erythrocytes is known to result in the modification of the host cell cytoskeleton by parasite-coded proteins. However, such modifications and corresponding implications in malaria pathogenesis have not been fully explored. Here, we probed the gradual modification of infected erythrocyte cytoskeleton with advancing stages of infection using atomic force microscopy (AFM). We reported a novel strategy to derive accurate and quantitative information on the knob structures and their connections with the spectrin network by performing AFM-based imaging analysis of the cytoplasmic surface of infected erythrocytes. Significant changes on the red cell cytoskeleton were observed from the expansion of spectrin network mesh size, extension of spectrin tetramers and the decrease of spectrin abundance with advancing stages of infection. The spectrin network appeared to aggregate around knobs but also appeared sparser at non-knob areas as the parasite matured. This dramatic modification of the erythrocyte skeleton during the advancing stage of malaria infection could contribute to the loss of deformability of the infected erythrocyte.
    PLoS ONE 04/2013; 8(4):e61170. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0061170 · 3.23 Impact Factor
  • Pengfei Ma · Yong Zhang ·
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    ABSTRACT: Short text clustering is an essential pre-process in social network analysis, where k-means is one of the most famous clustering algorithms for its simplicity and efficiency. However, k-means is instable and sensitive to the initial cluster centers, and it can be trapped in some local optimums. Moreover, its parameter of cluster number k is hard to be determined accurately. In this paper, we propose an improved k-means algorithm MAKM (MAFIA-based kmeans) equipped with a new feature extraction method TT (Term Transition) to overcome the shortages. In MAKM, the initial centers and the cluster number k are determined by an improved algorithm of Mining Maximal Frequent Item Sets. In TT, we claim that co-occurrence between two words in short text represents greater correlation and each word has certain probabilities of spreading to others. The Experiment on real datasets shows our approach achieves better results.
    01/2013: pages 210-218;
  • Jin Wang · Yong Zhang · Yang Gao · Chunxiao Xing ·
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    ABSTRACT: Big Data boosts the development of data management and analysis in database systems but it also poses a challenge to traditional database. NoSQL databases are provided to deal with the new challenges brought by Big Data because of its high performance, storage, scalability and availability. In NoSQL databases, it is an essential requirement to provide scalable and efficient index services for real-time data analysis. Most existing index solutions focus on improving write throughput, but at the cost of poor read performance. We designed a new plug-in system PuntStore with pLSM (Punt Log Structured Merge Tree) index engine. To improve read performance, Cache Oblivious Look-ahead Array (COLA) is adopted in our design. We also presented a novel compact algorithm in bulk deletion to support migration of data from temporary storage to data warehouse for further analysis.
    Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC), 2013 IEEE 37th Annual; 01/2013
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    ABSTRACT: With the development of cloud technologies, more and more electronic records will be stored and processed in the cloud. In order to manage massive electronic records, a kind of storage system named CloudDA is proposed in cloud environment in our paper. In the CloudDA, the HUABASE database and the THCFS file system are designed. HUABASE is used to store all kinds of structured data such as the metadata and index information. And the THCFS is used to store massive archives files. Finally, we design a kind of massive electronic records processing prototype system for digital archives in the cloud.
    Proceedings of the 2012 international conference on Pervasive Computing and the Networked World; 11/2012

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