J K Ahn

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology , Seoul, Seoul, South Korea

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  • Molecular Cancer Research - MOL CANCER RES. 01/2009; 7(10):1663-1671.
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    ABSTRACT: We propose a biochemical mechanism for the negative role of Notch signaling on p53 transactivation function. Expression of the intracellular domain of human Notch1 (Notch1-IC) inhibits the expression of p53-responsive genes p21, mdm2, and bax in HCT116 p53(-/-) cells. Furthermore, Notch1-IC expression inhibits the phosphorylation of ectopically expressed p53 in HCT116 p53(-/-) cells as well as the phosphorylation of endogenous p53 in UV-treated HCT116 p53(+/+) cells. Transcriptional downregulation of p53-responsive genes by Notch1-IC was confirmed both by chromatin immunoprecipitation assay and Northern blot analysis. We found the intracellular interaction between Notch1-IC and p53 in HCT116 p53(+/+) cells and suggest that activated Notch1 interaction with p53 is an important cellular event for the inhibition of p53-dependent transactivation. The N-terminal fragment of Notch1-IC, which can interacts with p53, inhibits p53 phosphorylation and represses p53 transactivation. In addition, Notch signaling downregulated p53-dependent apoptosis induced by UV irradiation.
    Cell Death and Differentiation 06/2007; 14(5):982-91. · 8.37 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: The biochemical path for the activation of ErbB-2 by PKC activator was investigated in MDA-MB-231 human breast cancer cells. We found that PMA-induced phosphorylation of myristoylated alanine-rich C kinase substrate (MARCKS) increased its binding with Tob that exerts an anti-proliferative effect through the binding with ErbB-2. The phosphorylation site domain (PSD) of MARCKS was relevant to its interaction with Tob. Decreased binding of Tob with ErbB-2 and subsequent activation of ErbB-2 were observed in MDA-MB-231 cells in response to PMA treatment. The present study proposes that MARCKS phosphorylation by PKC removes Tob from ErbB-2 by increasing its binding affinity with Tob, and thereby activates the ErbB-2 mediated signal transduction.
    Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 06/2001; 283(2):273-7. · 2.28 Impact Factor
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    S H Yim, Inwon Park, Jeong Keun Ahn, Changwon Kang
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    ABSTRACT: The activity of hammerhead ribozymes in S. cerevisiae was assessed using two ribozymes that were designed to intramolecularly attack the hepatitis B viral X mRNA. The ribozymes effectively suppressed the expression of the X-lacZ fusion gene, when they were inserted at the 5' end of the X mRNA. The ribozymes cleaved the target RNA efficiently at the targeted phosphodiester bond, but the inactive mutants carrying G5-to-A substitution in the core did not, as the total RNA preparations of yeast extracts was assayed by primer extension. These G5A mutants, however, exerted the suppression as effectively as the wild-type ribozymes. The results, with several mutations introduced to a ribozyme, suggested that either mere formation of hammerhead-like structures with the three stems, or the formation of any two stems, could inhibit translation. Thus, the hammerhead-like structures, leading to cleavage or not, could effectively suppress translation, especially when formed around the initiation codon. The G5-to-A and U7-to-G mutations and replacement of the stem-II hairpin tetraloop did not appear to affect the formation of the inhibitory structure(s). The inhibition that was observed when stems I and III were directly connected without a loop or with a stem II hairpin was completely relieved when they were connected with only the loop of stem II (not containing the stem portion).
    Biomolecular Engineering 07/2000; 16(6):183-9. · 3.17 Impact Factor