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University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas, United States

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    ABSTRACT: Aurora kinases are highly conserved proteins with important roles in mitosis. Metazoans contain two kinases, Aurora A and B, which contribute distinct functions at the spindle poles and the equatorial region respectively. It is not currently known whether the specialized functions of the two kinases arose after their duplication in animal cells or were already present in their ancestral kinase. We show that Dictyostelium discoideum contains a single Aurora kinase, DdAurora, that displays characteristics of both Aurora A and B. Like Aurora A, DdAurora has an extended N-terminal domain with an A-box sequence and localizes at the spindle poles during early mitosis. Like Aurora B, DdAurora binds to its partner DdINCENP and localizes on centromeres at metaphase, the central spindle during anaphase, and the cleavage furrow at the end of cytokinesis. DdAurora also has several unusual properties. DdAurora remains associated with centromeres in anaphase, and this association does not require an interaction with DdINCENP. DdAurora then localizes at the cleavage furrow, but only at the end of cytokinesis. This localization is dependent on DdINCENP and the motor proteins Kif12 and myosin II. Thus, DdAurora may represent the ancestral kinase that gave rise to the different Aurora kinases in animals and also those in other organisms.
    Eukaryotic Cell 06/2008; 7(5):894-905. DOI:10.1128/EC.00422-07 · 3.18 Impact Factor
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    Qian Chen · Hui Li · Arturo De Lozanne ·
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    ABSTRACT: Dictyostelium DdINCENP is a chromosomal passenger protein associated with centromeres, the spindle midzone, and poles during mitosis and the cleavage furrow during cytokinesis. Disruption of the single DdINCENP gene revealed important roles for this protein in mitosis and cytokinesis. DdINCENP null cells lack a robust spindle midzone and are hypersensitive to microtubule-depolymerizing drugs, suggesting that their spindles may not be stable. Furthermore DdCP224, a protein homologous to the microtubule-stabilizing protein TOGp/XMAP215, was absent from the spindle midzone of DdINCENP null cells. Overexpression of DdCP224 rescued the weak spindle midzone defect of DdINCENP null cells. Although not required for the localization of the myosin II contractile ring and subsequent formation of a cleavage furrow, DdINCENP is important for the abscission of daughter cells at the end of cytokinesis. Finally, we show that the localization of DdINCENP at the cleavage furrow is modulated by myosin II but it occurs by a mechanism different from that controlling the formation of the contractile ring.
    Molecular Biology of the Cell 03/2006; 17(2):779-88. DOI:10.1091/mbc.E05-08-0704 · 4.47 Impact Factor