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  • M Y Zhang · D S Yang · H Jin · W Y Wu · Y L He ·
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    ABSTRACT: The Chinese Neurology and Psychiatry Association conducted a national field trial of its Chinese Classification and Diagnostic Criteria of Mental Disorders (CCMD-2) involving 26 provinces and municipalities, 80 psychiatric institutes, and 224 professionals. The results were as follows: (1) 95.2% of researchers considered the comprehensibility of the CCMD-2 diagnostic criteria good. Within the ten major categories, comprehensibility ranged from 85.7% to 100%. (2) Of those surveyed concerning the acceptability of the CCMD-2 diagnostic criteria, 85.9% considered them acceptable. In individual classifications, the rate ranged from 74.1% to 95.2%. (3) 1498 cases were tested. The overall applicability rate which indicated the consistency between the CCMD-2 result and the actual clinical diagnoses was found to be 87.6%, (averaging Kappa = 0.82, P < 0.01), better than those obtained from non-Chinese systems of diagnosis.
    Chinese medical journal 02/1994; 107(2):124-8. · 1.05 Impact Factor