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    ABSTRACT: In a retrospective study of femoro-popliteal bypass surgery in Denmark during the period 1983 to 1987, a total of 1,532 operations were performed. Approximately 2/3 of the patients were operated upon for limb salvage, the remainder for severe disabling claudication. The perioperative lethality was below two per cent in all departments. Early occlusion rate was found to be between 21 and 11 per cent, leading to major amputation in about half of the patients.
    Ugeskrift for laeger 08/1990; 152(27):1980-2.
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    ABSTRACT: From 1983 to 1987, 293 femoro-crural bypasses were performed in eight centers for vascular surgery in Denmark. The activity increased in the period from 15 to 135 bypasses per year. The increase took place particularly 1986, when the in situ saphenous vein bypass was introduced in Denmark. A total of 203 bypasses were performed at the University Hospital of Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet: 108 in situ bypasses, 51 bypasses with arterial protheses and 44 bypasses using reversed vein. The cumulated graft patency after one year was 76% for the in situ bypasses, 26% for the bypasses with arterial protheses and 32% for reversed vein. The cumulated limb survivals after one year were 90%, 66% and 63%, respectively.
    Ugeskrift for laeger 08/1990; 152(27):1983-4.
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    ABSTRACT: During the years 1983-1987, 1,266 operations for abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) were carried out in eight surgical departments with vascular surgical function. The activity increased constantly corresponding to 311 patients in 1987 or 50% more than in 1983. During this period the distribution between patients subjected to elective operation and those operated upon as emergencies was very uniform. In the latter group, only a slight increase in the number of AAA patients with rupture was observed. The risk of complications was low with a significant decrease in the need for dialysis. The early mortality was constant for the patients subjected to elective operation remained constant about 5.5%. A marked decrease in the early mortality was observed for the patients operated upon as emergencies with rupture from 63 to 50% and without rupture from 37 to 25%. At the conclusion of the period, ultrasonic scanning became the preoperative investigation of election and introduction of an aortic prosthesis the method of operation of election. Patients with AAA should be recognized so that elective surgery can be offered before a condition endangering life develops.
    Ugeskrift for laeger 08/1990; 152(27):1985-7.
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    ABSTRACT: This report presents vascular surgical operations performed in Denmark 1983-1987, the first five years after the establishment of the speciality. The number of vascular surgical operations increased by 18 per cent during the five years to nearly 2,000 operations in 1987. Approximately 50 per cent of all vascular procedures were intraabdominal operations, while 30 per cent were peripheral reconstructions. In 1987 40 operations/100,000 inhabitants were made, a level considerably below the activity performed in the other Scandinavian countries. We conclude that vascular surgical activity will increase in Denmark in the years to come.
    Nordisk medicin 02/1990; 105(4):104-6.