A. Agarwal

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahābād, Uttar Pradesh, India

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  • M. Raghuram · R. K. Jarial · A. Agarwal ·
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    ABSTRACT: Using single phase matrix converter topology a circuit is developed to perform the operations such as step-up cycloconverter, step-down cycloconverter, ac voltage regulator, rectifier, inverter and chopper collectively called as multi-converter circuit. IGBT with antiparallel diode is used as a switching device for controlling current waveform. This paper presents an operation with Symmetrical angle-PWM scheme for controlling the matrix topology circuit. Simulation were carried out using MATLAB/Simulink software, results of simulation are presented to evaluate the behavior and feasibility of proposed technology. The operation of proposed system has been found satisfactory.
    2014 Students Conference on Engineering and Systems (SCES); 05/2014
  • G. Singh · A. Agarwal · R.K. Jarial · V. Agarwal · M. Mondal ·
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    ABSTRACT: This paper presents the control of elevator system using Siemens LOGO PLC. The system is programmed to drive a dc motor for forward and backward motoring mode with sensors at each floor, emergency STOP switch for maintenance purpose or to prevent any accident inside the lift & door switch for safety purpose. The system is also programmed to conserve energy by automatically switch off lights and fans of cabin when motor is in rest state for a specified duration of time. The software used in this elevator system is LOGO! Soft Comfort V7.0. This system can be used for learning the control strategies involved in elevator systems for educational purpose.
    Engineering and Systems (SCES), 2013 Students Conference on; 01/2013
  • A. Agarwal · V. Agarwal ·
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    ABSTRACT: A cycloinverter has been proposed to directly convert utility frequency AC, 50-Hz power to high-frequency AC power with delta pulse width modulation switching. Detailed design and simulation analysis is presented for single phase matrix converter (SPMC) topology with eight switches through MATLAB Simulink software. It has been found that minimum total harmonic distortion is 3.25% for modulation index, lying from 0.5 to 1. Any further increase or decrease in modulation index increases the harmonics in cycloinverter. A laboratory prototype of the proposed cycloinverter is developed through Xilinx field programmable gate array which generates the trigger pulses for various insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBTs) used in the power circuit of the cycloinverter to produce an output frequency that is an integer multiple of the input supply frequency. The output waveforms have been synthesised for different value of output frequency with resistive-inductive (RL) and motor load. Test results are presented to validate the proposed design and simulated results of the system. The experimental results verify the working and operation of cycloinverter based on SPMC.
    IET Power Electronics 11/2012; 5(9):1793-1803. DOI:10.1049/iet-pel.2011.0476 · 1.68 Impact Factor
  • P. Agarwal · A. Agarwal · V. Agarwal ·
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    ABSTRACT: Frequency converter may be used to control the speed of AC motors, in airline industries, induction heating, fluorescent lighting, ballast, high frequency power supplies and so on. It has a advantage of eliminating one or more intermediate converters. The use of self-commutated switches with PWM control can significantly improve the performance of frequency converter. This paper presents FPGA based space vector modulated (SVM) trigger controller applied to a frequency converter where trigger pulses are generated Hardware Description Language VHDL in Xilinx. The output waveforms have been synthesized for different value of output frequency. The trigger circuit has been tested qualitatively by observing various triggering pulses on Xilinx ISE simulator and then verified with experimental results. The operation of proposed system has been found satisfactory.
    Telecommunications Energy Conference (INTELEC), 2011 IEEE 33rd International; 01/2011
  • A. Agarwal · V. Agarwal ·
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    ABSTRACT: Trapezoidal modulation technique has been applied in AC to AC converter to reduce harmonics in the output. Both step up and step down operation of the converter has been studied for different output frequencies. Simulation results are shown for single-phase to single-phase converter configuration using the software SIMULINK. Minimum total harmonic distortion in the output has been found to be 5% for cyclo-inverter operation for a frequency range of 500 to 750 Hz. During cyclo-converter operation it reduces to 1.2% up to a frequency range of 1 Hz to 16.66 Hz which is generally recommended mode of cyclo-converter.
    Power Systems, 2009. ICPS '09. International Conference on; 01/2010