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    ABSTRACT: The major advantages of Block Matching Algorithm is it can reduce the temporal redundancy by placing a direction and magnitude of a Motion Vector (MV) instead of an image block. There are various type of BMA for motion estimation technique have been proposed to enhance the accuracy of the MV of the image block and also to reduce the computational complexity of the BMA for time consuming. This paper investigate and presents a very brief introduction to seven type of famous BMA that are Exhaustive Search, Three Step Search, New Three Step Search, Simple and Efficient Three Step Search, Four Step Search, Diamond Search and Adaptive Rood Pattern Search. This paper also performs all of the seven BMA techniques with different parameter of I and P mode sequence, different search range and also different block size.
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    Othman Ahmad, Aroland Kiring, Ali Chekima
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    ABSTRACT: It is fundamentally possible to travel with zero energy based on Newton Laws of Motion. According to the first law of motion, a body will continue to travel for infinite distance unless it is acted upon by another force. For a body in motion, the force which stops perpetual motion is friction. However, there are many circumstances that friction is zero, for example in space, where there is vacuum. On earth, gravity makes objects to be in constant contact with each other generating friction but technology exists to separate them in the air using powerful magnetic forces. At low speeds, the friction caused by air is minimal but we can create vacuum even on land for high speed travel. Another condition for travelling is for it to stop at its destination. On land, we can recover the kinetic energy back into electrical energy using brushless permanent magnet generators. These generators can also convert electric energy into kinetic energy in order to provide motion. This article reviews technologies that will allow us to travel with zero energy. It is easier to do it on land but in the air, it is not obvious.