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French National Centre for Scientific Research, Lutetia Parisorum, Île-de-France, France

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    Benoit Famaey, Arnaud Siebert, Ivan Minchev, for the RAVE collaboration
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    ABSTRACT: Bars and spirals are among the main drivers of the secular evolution of galactic disks, and it is, thus, of prime importance to better understand their exact nature and dynamics. In this respect, the Milky Way provides a unique laboratory in which to study a snapshot of their detailed dynamical influence in six-dimensional phase-space. With the advent of present and future astrometric and spectroscopic surveys, such six-dimensional phase-space data can be obtained for stars in an increasingly large volume around the Sun. Here, we review the signatures of - and constraints on - disk non-axisymmetries obtained from recent stellar kinematical data sets, including (i) the detection of resonant moving groups in the solar neighbourhood, (ii) the non-zero value of the Oort constants C and K, and (iii) the detection of a radial velocity gradient of 4 km/s/kpc in the extended solar neighbourhood (d<2 kpc).
    The European Physical Journal Conferences 10/2011; 19.


  • 2011
    • French National Centre for Scientific Research
      • Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg
      Lutetia Parisorum, Île-de-France, France