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    ABSTRACT: In this study, we reported the analysis of DGAT2 gene polymorphisms in 468 goats of two breeds: Xinong Saanen (SN) and Guanzhong (GZ). We identified three new allelic variants: P2 (C234A), P4 (C182T) and P5 (G301T) in SN and GZ breeds. Furthermore, P2 locus was a missense mutation (Leu>Met) in both breeds. Three genotypes were found at P2 (CC, CD and DD) and P4 (AA, AB and BB) loci in SN and GZ breeds, respectively. At P5 locus, EE and EF genotypes were found in both breeds. The SNP loci were in Hardy–Weinberg disequilibrium at P2 and P5 loci in SN and GZ breeds (P0.05). Association of polymorphisms with milk yield and fat percentage was done in both breeds, which showed that genotypes CC, CD (P2 locus) and EE (P5 locus) had higher milk yield and fat percentage. Some of those with better performance could be used for the breeding of improved genotypes of goat. Therefore, these results suggest that DGAT2 gene is a strong candidate gene that affects milk yield and fat percentage in goat.
    Small Ruminant Research 10/2011; 100(2):107-112. · 1.10 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: In this study, suppressive subtractive hybridization (SSH) was performed to screen differentially expressed genes in ovarian tissues between polytocous and monotocous goats. From the SSH cDNA library, we obtained 29 differentially expressed sequence tags (ESTs) that have high similarity with known genes in the public database, which were involved in signal transduction, transcriptional regulation, cellular molecular dynamics, cytoskeleton, metabolism and oxidation-reduction. In addition, one novel EST that has no similarity with known genes in the public database was obtained. Eight ESTs, TIMP1, NUCB1, OAZ1, CXXC5, CAPNS2, ATP5A1, Z and RPL5, were further examined for the reproducibility of the SSH data by the real-time quantitative PCR. The results confirmed an increased expression of respective mRNA in ovarian tissues of polytocous goats compared with those of monotocous goats. The study has identified several genes (known or unknown) that may have effect on follicular development, ovulation and egg activation in goats.
    Reproduction in Domestic Animals 09/2011; 47(3):498-503. · 1.18 Impact Factor