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    ABSTRACT: The antitumor effect of IHL-305, a novel pegylated liposome containing irinotecan, was investigated in human xenograft models. After subcutaneous transplantation of several human cancer cell lines (colorectal, non-small cell lung, small cell lung, prostate, ovarian and gastric cancer cells) to nude mice, IHL-305 or CPT-11 was administered intravenously 3 times at 4-day intervals. In all xenograft models tested, IHL-305 showed superior antitumor activity to that of CPT‑11 and a comparable tumor-growth-inhibitory effect at one-eighth or less of the dose of CPT-11, even against HT-29 colorectal and NCI-H460 non-small cell lung cancer cell lines, which show intrinsic resistance to CPT-11. A single injection or 2 injections of IHL-305 on several dosing schedules also resulted in a significant antitumor effect compared to that of vehicle control in a dose-dependent manner and showed comparable antitumor activity at about one-fifth the dose of the maximum tolerated dose of CPT-11. The analysis of the concentrations of irinotecan and SN-38, an active metabolite of CPT-11, in plasma and tumors revealed that irinotecan was maintained at high concentrations, and the prolonged presence of SN-38 in plasma and tumors in IHL-305 treated mice compared with CPT-11-treated mice. Therefore, the stronger tumor inhibitory effect of IHL-305, as compared to CPT-11, was associated with the difference in the concentration of irinotecan in plasma or tumors after each agent was administered and with the maintainance of a higher concentration of SN-38. These results indicate that IHL-305 demonstrated superior antitumor activity against a wide range of tumors at lower doses than CPT-11.
    Oncology Reports 09/2011; 27(1):189-97. · 2.30 Impact Factor
  • Ejc Supplements - EJC SUPPL. 01/2006; 4(12):50-50.