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    ABSTRACT: The analysis of genomic data such as ChIP-Seq usually involves representing the signal intensity level over genes or other genetic features. This is often illustrated as a curve (representing the aggregate profile of a group of genes) or as a heatmap (representing individual genes). However, no specific resource dedicated to easily generating such profiles is currently available. We therefore built the versatile aggregate profiler (VAP), designed to be used by experimental and computational biologists to generate profiles of genomic datasets over groups of regions of interest, using either an absolute or a relative method. Graphical representation of the results is automatically generated, and subgrouping can be performed easily, based on the orientation of the flanking annotations. The outputs include statistical measures to facilitate comparisons between groups or datasets. We show that, through its intuitive design and flexibility, VAP can help avoid misinterpretations of genomics data. VAP is highly efficient and designed to run on laptop computers by using a memory footprint control, but can also be easily compiled and run on servers. VAP is accessible at
    Nucleic Acids Research 04/2014; · 8.81 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Chromatin represents a repressive barrier to the process of ligand-dependent transcriptional activity of nuclear receptors. Here, we show that H3K27 methylation imposes ligand-dependent regulation of the oestrogen receptor α (ERα)-dependent apoptotic response via Bcl-2 in breast cancer cells. The activation of BCL2 transcription is dependent on the simultaneous inactivation of the H3K27 methyltransferase, EZH2, and the demethylation of H3K27 at a poised enhancer by the ERα-dependent recruitment of JMJD3 in hormone-dependent breast cancer cells. We also provide evidence that this pathway is modified in cells resistant to anti-oestrogen (AE), which constitutively express BCL2. We show that the lack of H3K27 methylation at BCL2 regulatory elements due to the inactivation of EZH2 by the HER2 pathway leads to this constitutive activation of BCL2 in these AE-resistant cells. Our results describe a mechanism in which the epigenetic state of chromatin affects ligand dependency during ERα-regulated gene expression.
    The EMBO Journal 08/2011; 30(19):3947-61. · 9.82 Impact Factor