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    ABSTRACT: Cryptochromes (CRYs) are blue-light photoreceptors that mediate various light responses in plants and animals. The signaling mechanism by which CRYs regulate light responses involves their physical interactions with COP1. Here, we report that CRY1 interacts physically with SPA1 in a blue-light-dependent manner. SPA acts genetically downstream from CRYs to regulate light-controlled development. Blue-light activation of CRY1 attenuates the association of COP1 with SPA1 in both yeast and plant cells. These results indicate that the blue-light-triggered CRY1-SPA1 interaction may negatively regulate COP1, at least in part, by promoting the dissociation of COP1 from SPA1. This interaction and consequent dissociation define a dynamic photosensory signaling mechanism.
    Genes & development 05/2011; 25(10):1023-8. DOI:10.1101/gad.2025111 · 10.80 Impact Factor