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    ABSTRACT: We report the effects of binding of Mg(2+) to the second Ca(2+)-binding domain (CBD2) of the sodium-calcium exchanger. CBD2 is known to bind two Ca(2+) ions using its Ca(2+)-binding sites I and II. Here, we show by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), circular dichroism, isothermal titration calorimetry, and mutagenesis that CBD2 also binds Mg(2+) at both sites, but with significantly different affinities. The results from Mg(2+)-Ca(2+) competition experiments show that Ca(2+) can replace Mg(2+) from site I, but not site II, and that Mg(2+) binding affects the affinity for Ca(2+). Furthermore, thermal unfolding circular dichroism data demonstrate that Mg(2+) binding stabilizes the domain. NMR chemical shift perturbations and (15)N relaxation data reveal that Mg(2+)-bound CBD2 adopts a state intermediate between the apo and fully Ca(2+)-loaded forms. Together, the data show that at physiological Mg(2+) concentrations CBD2 is loaded with Mg(2+) preferentially at site II, thereby stabilizing and structuring the domain and altering its affinity for Ca(2+).
    Biochemistry 09/2011; 50(41):8804-12. · 3.38 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Any protein structure determination process contains several steps, starting from obtaining a suitable sample, then moving on to acquiring data and spectral assignment, and lastly to the final steps of structure determination and validation. This unit describes all of these steps, starting with the basic physical principles behind NMR and some of the most commonly measured and observed phenomena such as chemical shift, scalar and residual coupling, and the nuclear Overhauser effect. Then, in somewhat more detail, the process of spectral assignment and structure elucidation is explained. Furthermore, the use of NMR to study protein-ligand interaction, protein dynamics, or protein folding is described.
    Current protocols in protein science / editorial board, John E. Coligan ... [et al.] 04/2011; Chapter 17:Unit17.5.