Moumita Ghosh

Medical College Kolkata, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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    ABSTRACT: Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses is a neurodegenerative disorder predominantly involving grey matter. The 4 classic forms are Infantile type, Late Infantile type, Juvenile type and Adult type. We present a case of 3 siblings of unrelated parents where the eldest had Infantile form of NCL, the second child had Late Infantile Form, and the third child is normal. Both children having different phenotypic presentations have curvilinear inclusion bodies on EM of axillary skin biopsy, low levels of tripeptidyl amino peptidase 1(TPP1) and normal levels of palmitoyl protein thioesterase 1(PPT1), a finding classically present in the Late Infantile variety involving CLN2 mutation. After extensive search we failed to find a case report describing a similar finding.
    Journal of Nepal Paediatric Society 12/2013; 33(3). DOI:10.3126/jnps.v33i3.7924
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    ABSTRACT: To assess the role of different factors that are associated with initiation and continuation of adolescent smoking. A total of 2535 students (1465 males and 1070 females) between the age groups of 14 and 19 years were selected from four schools and two colleges of the city by two-stage cluster sampling design for this cross-sectional study. The prevalence of cigarette smoking was 21.58%. Smoking was found to be considerably influenced with having seen best friend, father, sibling and favorite movie star smoke and also with receiving pocket money. Experimentation of substance use, motivated by family members, peer groups and the surrounding environment is common among adolescents and starts early in life. Therefore, it is necessary to come up with health promotion programs directed toward students which encourage attitude shaping among them toward self-confidence and healthy life style.
    Journal of Tropical Pediatrics 11/2011; 57(6):476-80. DOI:10.1093/tropej/fmr003 · 1.26 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: In developing countries, 80% of the births take place in the community. Birthweight, mid-arm and chest circumferences were measured in 294 newborns admitted in a tertiary-level hospital in Kolkata between April and August 2010. Colour-coded measuring tapes were devised using receiver operating characteristic curves to calculate the most sensitive and specific cut-off values to identify birthweight <2.5 and 1.8 kg. There is no significant difference in accuracy of Mid-arm circumference (MAC) and Chest circumference (CC) for prediction of low birth weight and birthweight <1.8 kg. The tape has three zones, green [weight (wt) > 2.5 kg, MAC > 8.4 cm, CC > 30 cm], yellow (wt 2.5-1.8 kg, MAC 8.4-6.7 cm, CC 30-25.5 cm) indicating some risk, and red (wt < 1.8 kg, MAC < 6.7 cm, CC < 25.5 cm) indicating babies needing referral and admission in Level II neonatal care unit.
    Journal of Tropical Pediatrics 11/2011; 57(6):464-7. DOI:10.1093/tropej/fmr004 · 1.26 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Despite the huge proportion of the babies in the developing world being born low birthweight, only about half of the newborns are weighed at birth as weighing scales often tend to be either non-available or defective. Designing a nomogram for estimation of birthweight from head circumference (HC) and mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC). Birthweight, HC and MUAC of 500 newborns who were admitted in the baby nursery of Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata between July 2010 to December 2010 were measured. Multiple linear regression equation for prediction of birth weight from MUAC and HC was derived and a nomogram was constructed from the same. The birthweight estimation nomogram is an inexpensive and convenient tool for use in the community setting where weighing machines may not be always available and may thus allow prompt and early referral.
    Journal of Tropical Pediatrics 09/2011; 58(4):307-10. DOI:10.1093/tropej/fmr080 · 1.26 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: The present case is a 5 y old child with Pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), presenting with fever, pallor, purpuric spots, hepato-splenomegaly and lymphadenopathy of 20 d duration. During re-induction chemotherapy, he developed atypical skin lesions diagnosed as Varicella Zoster infection. He and his parents tested positive for anti HIV antibody. He entered complete remission and Anti-retroviral therapy (ART) along with maintenance chemotherapy has been initiated 3 mon ago. Acute leukemia is rare in HIV and probably this is the first case of Pre-B Acute Leukemia in association with perinatally transmitted HIV.
    The Indian Journal of Pediatrics 08/2011; 79(2):267-9. DOI:10.1007/s12098-011-0533-7 · 0.87 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Fever, headache, body aches, retro-orbital pain, haemorrhage and shock are well known manifestations of dengue infection. We report the case of a 4-y-old child with dengue who presented with meningo-encephalitis and subsequently developed myelitis, hepatitis, glomerulonephritis and bone marrow suppression. Complete recovery occurred within 3 weeks.
    Scandinavian Journal of Infectious Diseases 12/2010; 43(4):316-8. DOI:10.3109/00365548.2010.538858 · 1.50 Impact Factor