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    ABSTRACT: A security has become very important along with the increasing number of crime cases. If some security system fails, there is a need for a mechanism that capable in recording the criminal act. Therefore, it can be used for investigation purpose of the authorities. The objective of this research is to develop a security system using video streaming that able to monitor in real-time manner, display movies in a browser, and record a video as triggered by a sensor. This monitoring system comprises of two security level camera as a video recorder of special events based on infrared sensor that is connected to a microcontroller via serial communication and camera as a real-time room monitor. The hardware system consists of infrared sensor circuit to detect special events that is serially communicated to an AT89S51 microcontroller that controls the system to perform recording process, and the software system consists of a server that displaying video streaming in a webpage and a video recorder. The software for video recording and server camera uses Visual Basic 6.0 and for video streaming uses PHP 5.1.6. As the result, the system can be used to record special events that it is wanted, and can displayed video streaming in a webpage using LAN infrastructure.
    TELKOMNIKA. 01/2008;
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, the design of digital compass with voice output is described, so that the blind can also use it. The digital compass is designed based on up-graded conventional compass. In the axis direction of conventional compass be added a disc as source of wind direction information, and phototransistor as sensor. The digital compass system is designed, based on AT89S52 microcontroller, as control of all interfaces and read sensor. The LCD component is used as display and ISD 2590 IC as voice recorder. The IC can record with maximum capacity 90 seconds. The voices output of compass is divided into 8 direction from the north, southwest, west and the next. The result showed that the design of digital compass work as like conventional compass completely by voice feature.
    TELKOMNIKA. 01/2008;