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    ABSTRACT: To assess the effects of smoking on total sperm count, progressive sperm motility and sperm morphology among couples attending an infertility clinic. A total of 223 sperm samples (126 smokers and 97 nonsmokers) from men attending an infertility clinic for routine infertility workup were compared on the basis of standard semen analysis. Cigarette smoking is negatively correlated with progressive motile sperm count (r = -0.1464, p = 0.042), but not with sperm concentration (p = 0.961), total motile sperm count (p = 0.890) and sperm morphology (p = 0.838). Furthermore, packages/ year (cumulative dose of cigarettes) did not correlate with any of the sperm parameters including sperm density (p = 0.976), total (p = 0.559) and progressive (p = 0.406) motile sperm count and sperm morphology (p = 0.449). Although the effect of smoking on male infertility remains inconclusive, smoking had an adverse effect on the progressive sperm motility, irrespective of total amount of cigarettes smoked per day.
    Clinical and experimental obstetrics & gynecology 02/2006; 33(1):19-22. · 0.42 Impact Factor