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    Graham Lowe, Ben Chan
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    ABSTRACT: This article proposes a comprehensive framework for assessing, reporting and improving the quality of work environments in healthcare organizations across Canada. Healthy work environments (HWEs) contribute to positive outcomes for healthcare employees and physicians. The same HWE ingredients also can reduce operating costs, improve human resources utilization and ultimately lead to higher-quality patient care. We show how health system employers, governments, quality agencies and other stakeholders can implement effective HWE metrics. The common reporting framework and metrics we propose enable managers and policy makers to use HWE ingredients as levers to improve organizational performance. Progress requires the active involvement of stakeholders in developing common metrics, the integration of these metrics into existing measurement and reporting systems, the building in of managerial accountability for work environment quality and support for ongoing improvements at the front lines of care and service delivery.
    HealthcarePapers 07/2010; 10(3):8-23. DOI:10.12927/hcpap.2010.21863
  • Graham Lowe, Ben Chan
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    ABSTRACT: This has turned out to be a very productive discussion, which we encourage readers to continue in their own networks. There is broad agreement that, as one commentator put it, "the time has come" for Canada to develop a unified system for measuring and reporting the quality of healthcare work environments. And all commentators look into the future, asking practical questions and offering constructive suggestions for how best to develop and implement such a system. So, in our view, this is a mark of progress.
    HealthcarePapers 07/2010; 10(3):54-8. DOI:10.12927/hcpap.2010.21870