J L Gómez González

Hospital Universitario de Salamanca, Helmantica, Castille and León, Spain

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    ABSTRACT: The arterioveinous dural malformation (MAVD) is a rare entity between the vascular craneal anomalies with a not well nown ethiology and variability in treatments. We present eleven cases of MAVDs, between them five presented tinnitus as symptom of aparition. The importance of this pathology makes necessary to discard it before a patient consulting because of pulsaltil tinnitus with normal otoscopy.
    Anales otorrinolaringológicos ibero-americanos 02/2007; 34(6):557-64.
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    ABSTRACT: The complexity of the embriologic development of the neck and the possible abnomarlies in this process, with the consequent posterior manifestations make necessary the knowledge of the embriologic anatomy of the neck. In the possible manifestations that can be of the anomalies of the development of the branchial archs are the abnomarlies of the first branchial archs. They are, in the anomalies of the development of the branchial archs infrequent and are intimately related with the facial nerve. We present a clinic case of a seven years old boy affected by this pathology and revise its more important aspects.
    Anales otorrinolaringológicos ibero-americanos 02/2007; 34(5):433-8.
  • E Coscarón Blanco, J L Blanco García, J L Gómez González
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    ABSTRACT: Unilateral vocal fold paralysis is frequently encountered during ENT practise. It may result from many different conditions and it always should be regarded as a sign revealingan underlaying disease that can be located anywhere along the traject of the tenth cranial nerve or at the cricoarytenoidjoint being malignancies and trauma the leading causes. Etiology, glottal characteristics and compensative maneuvers, and individual factors such as comorbility or age must be considered when treatment options are proposed to the patient. A case of an uncommon etiology for unilateral vocal fold paralysis, an aortic aneurysm, is presented and considerations about the management of this condition are provided.
    Anales otorrinolaringológicos ibero-americanos 02/2006; 33(5):481-7.
  • E Blanco Coscarón, J L Blanco García, J L Gómez González
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    ABSTRACT: The Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery has posibilitated a change in the diagnosis, treatment and postsurgical management of many nasosinusal diseases. Mucoceles of the paranasal sinuses are an ideal indication for performing these surgical procedures when good accesibility conditions are present. Under these circumstances, external approach, with the subsequent impairments and morbility, could be avoided. An endoscopically treated extensive maxilloethmoydal mucocele is presented and key points to endoscopic treatment indication are provided.
    Anales otorrinolaringológicos ibero-americanos 02/2006; 33(6):557-64.
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    ABSTRACT: Non Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) is a frecuent tumor in the ENT field althougt there are not too many publications with a large number of patients. We have studied 300 patiens with NHL and analysed the head and neck affectation, the presence in Waldeyer's ring, the first symptoms and the stage of the disease. Over 50% had head and neck manifestation. Of them, the most frequent one were adenopathies. In the Waldeyer's ring, the tonsil was the most frecuently affected structure. There is an evident relationship between NHL and the Oto-Rhino-laringology area and it is necessary consider it in the differential diagnosis of head and neck adenopathies.
    Acta Otorrinolaringológica Española 06/2005; 56(5):215-8.
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    ABSTRACT: Angiomyolipoma is an uncommon hamartomatous renal tumor very prone to spontaneous bleeding. However it is possible to find it in extrarenal sites, being the liver the most frequent one. The rest of sites recorded in literature are exceptional. In fact, to our knowledge, this is the first case reported of cervicothoracic settlement of an angiomyolipoma. This rare location, together with its marked tendency to bleed bleeding determinate a complicated diagnoses a difficult surgical approach.
    Acta Otorrinolaringológica Española 04/2004; 55(3):148-51.
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    ABSTRACT: Tuberculous otitis media (TOM) is a rare cause of chronic suppurative infection of the middle ear. Due to that the symptoms and signs are often indistinguishable from those of nontuberculosis chronic otitis media and the fact that the index of suspicion is low, there is frequently a considerable delay prior to diagnosis. This can lead to irreversible complications such as facial nerve paralysis and labyrinthitis. Medical therapy with antituberculous drugs is usually effective. We report three cases with TOM diagnosticated and followed up in our Service from january 1993 to july 2001. Their charts were retrospectively reviewed for relevant historical data, physical findings, complementary studies, treatment and clinical response. We performed a review of the literature, emphasizing that TOM should be considered in the differential diagnosis of chronic otitis media.
    Anales otorrinolaringológicos ibero-americanos 02/2003; 30(1):47-59.
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    ABSTRACT: Computer nuclear morphometry and stereology are attractive methods because its objectivity and cheapness allowing histologic diagnosis when identifying minimal variations respectively the normality and also detect negligible disparities between anormal cells which could escape to the assessment of the pathologist. We present the data gained from several morphogenic and stereologic parameters resulting of measurements of tumoral cells procured from 40 patients with nasopharyngeal carcinomata. Middle values have been: nuclear area 27.70 microns 2; nuclear perimeter 20.80 microns; nuclear factor of form 0.81 microns; nuclear outline index 4.01; nuclear orientation angle 87.29 degrees; nuclear ellipsiticity 704.14; nuclear regularity 61.83; middle lineal length 4.30, middle linear distance 107.94; and nuclear volume 118.80 microns 3. Our series is the largest studied till now of all found in the literature. Comparison our data with those of previous publications.
    Anales otorrinolaringológicos ibero-americanos 02/2002; 29(6):593-603.
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    ABSTRACT: The nasopharyngeal carcinoma in Spain, low risk geographical area, is a rare tumor. This is the cause why there few papers about it in our country. We have carried out a muestral descriptive statistical study. We have selected among all the patients diagnosed of nasopharyngeal carcinoma a big group who, have been treated with induction chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy with or without surgery, they presented very complete clinical histories in the Departments of E.N.T., Oncology and Radiotherapy that allowed us to compare all the picked up data and this increased, without doubt, the reliability of them. The results obtained in the different examined variables of our patients are the same that those we found in literature. The nasopharyngeal carcinoma is a tumor that usually affects young patients, of both sexes, without previous consumption of alcohol and tobacco and they are diagnosed in advanced stages. The rhinologic symptoms are the most frequent ones but the cervical nodes are the usual cause for consulting a doctor with a long diagnostic interval. There is a prevalence in the undifferentiated tumors showed by histology.
    Acta Otorrinolaringológica Española 01/2002; 53(7):473-80.
  • V Guillén Guerrero, J L Gómez González, M Gómez Benito
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    ABSTRACT: Adenocarcinomata of the nose are scanty growths. They included primary adenocarcinomata not derived from salivary glands and these in its turn not share histological, pathogenical and prognostic characteristic, being the latter those of high degree or intestinal type and the other the lower degree. We report an unusual clinical case which should be classified among those of high degree, but because of its behavior showed totally benign.
    Anales otorrinolaringológicos ibero-americanos 02/2001; 28(6):553-61.
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    ABSTRACT: The present study aims to analyse the survival of 94 patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity. They were 86 men and 8 women with a mean age of 61. Seventy four percent were smokers and 70% consumed alcohol regularly. Eighty three percent had unhealthy teeth. A great majority of patients (76) were in the advanced stages (III-IV) and 61% showed neck nodules. The overall survival at 5 years was the following: 70% for patients in stage I, 85% in stage II, 58% stage III and only 17% for the patients in stage IV. The most significant prognostic factor that affected the survival was the N stage. For the patients in N0 and N1 we only found significant differences when the lymph nodes were histologically affected by the tumor.
    Acta Otorrinolaringológica Española 01/2001; 52(5):381-6.
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    ABSTRACT: In this essay we deal with different aspects of the techniques described by Pearson and cols. in 1980, carrying out an analysis of objectives, indications and contraindications, physiological fundamentals, description of the surgical technique, aftercare and exposition of the results achieved in patients operated from September 1996-97.
    Anales otorrinolaringológicos ibero-americanos 02/2000; 27(3):265-83.
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    ABSTRACT: Tumors of the nasal cavity and sinuses are rather infrequent, being squamous carcinoma the predominant type, which accounts for the 80 percent of the totality of them. Maxillary sinus is the most affected, followed by nose cavity. Half of cases are originated on turbinates. We present the clinical case of a woman patient diagnosed of microcytic carcinoma of the right nasal cavity originated at the level of middle turbinate. The mass filled the width of the fossa getting in touch with the nasal septum, without encroaching it. According its extent the tumor was classified as T2, N0, M0 and treated with radiotherapy only. Microcytic carcinoma is an exceptional histological type in nasal cavity and next to its numeric meagerness in this location makes this case a very peculiar one.
    Anales otorrinolaringológicos ibero-americanos 02/2000; 27(1):17-23.
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    ABSTRACT: We report a clinical case of vagal chemodectoma with cell atypies, which was presented as slowly growing neck mass without any other symptoms. At the beginning and due to the histologic report of the needle biopsy, which morphologic study based on cellular atypia was misinterpreted as a malignant tumor and with the images obtained by computed tomography (CT) suggesting a malignant neoplasia, we proceeded to approach the case as a metastatic tumor of unknown origin. We made a revision of the epidemiologic factors, and diagnostic and therapeutic management of this type of growths.
    Anales otorrinolaringológicos ibero-americanos 02/2000; 27(1):5-15.
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    ABSTRACT: A retrospective study was made of 29 patients with cervical metastasis of an unknown primary tumor. Sixteen patients received local treatment with surgery and radiotherapy (group A) and 13 patients were treated with induction chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy (group B). All patients responded. Local recurrence occurred in 21.4% of group A and 20% of group B. The frequency of distant metastases was similar (18.8% vs 15.4%). The mean survival time of 68 months in group A was longer than the 40 months of group B, and the a 2-year survival rate was 81% in group A and 67% in group B. The 5-year survival was better in group B (56% vs 40%). The primary tumor was identified twice as often in the patients who received only local treatment (group A 37.5% and group B 15.4%). Detection of the primary tumor was the only factor that significantly influenced patient survival.
    Acta Otorrinolaringológica Española 06/1999; 50(4):305-9.
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    ABSTRACT: Report on a solitary extramedullary plasmacytoma case, an entity rarely diagnosed in daily practice, because of its low incidence. When the process occurs is seen fundamentally located at upper aero-digestive tract. Our patient was a 34-year-old man, who was diagnosed as oropharyngeal plasmacytoma with the peculiarity that the lesion feigned a benign one wether for the clinical features or the macroscopical aspect. The patient underwent surgery and postoperative rontgentherapy, after discarding a systemic disease. Till now the evolution proved good.
    Anales otorrinolaringológicos ibero-americanos 02/1999; 26(6):573-81.
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    ABSTRACT: The incidence of acute mastoiditis accounts for 0.004% of acute middle otitis. Nowadays there is a decrease of number of mastoiditis and its complications, but from time to time are seen outbreaks without logical explanation of facts. We report 4 clinical cases of acute mastoiditis complicated with subperiosteal abscess, in children between 8 and 23 month old, seen at our department during the last 3 years, three of them diagnosed in a 4-month term.
    Anales otorrinolaringológicos ibero-americanos 02/1999; 26(5):495-504.
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    ABSTRACT: Deep neck infections are charts potentially dangerous though of low incidence. Few times linked to severe complications, as mediastinitis, of high morbi-mortality. They call for emergency procedures combining neck and thorax surgery, if there is a mediastinitis, with a broad-spectrum antibiotherapy within an Intensive Care Unit, with the aim of the maintain the patients's equilibrium constant till their reestablishment. We report 3 cases seen in a term lesser than one year at the Universitary Hospital of Salamanca. The 3 presented with thoracic complication because the spread of the neck's infect. Nevertheless the pending severity all three survived. We emphasize the necessity of realizing the pressing surgery and the utilitarianism of broad-spectrum antibiotherapy as key elements in order to get the patient's reestablishment. Literature review on the subject.
    Anales otorrinolaringológicos ibero-americanos 02/1999; 26(2):125-36.
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    ABSTRACT: A series of 70 consecutive patients with laryngeal carcinoma treated by induction chemotherapy is reported. The prediction of the response to induction chemotherapy was evaluated by nuclear morphometric and stereological analysis of the tumor cells. Statistically significant differences were found in the nuclear form factor (FF, p < 0.021) and nuclear contour index (NCI, p < 0.017) between the groups of patients with a complete response (CR), partial response (PR) or no response (NR) to induction chemotherapy. Comparison of the groups of patients with partial response or complete response to IC with the group with no response yielded statistically significant differences in the nuclear form factor (FF, p < 0.002), nuclear contour index (NCI, p < 0.0032) and nuclear orientation angle (NOA, p < 0.036). Nuclear morphometric analysis of the tumor cells was a useful tool for predicting response to induction chemotherapy in a significant number of the patients with laryngeal tumors in our series.
    Acta Otorrinolaringológica Española 03/1998; 49(2):143-7.
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    ABSTRACT: Radioscopically-guided balloon dilation of esophageal stenosis is an effective and easily performed palliative procedure. Our experience with balloon dilation of esophageal stenosis in 12 patients was reviewed. Every patient underwent 2-5 sessions. Dysphagia disappeared completely in 2 patients. Ten patients had significant improvement. No case of esophageal perforation occurred during balloon dilation.
    Acta Otorrinolaringológica Española 05/1997; 48(3):225-8.