Yupeng Pan

Liaocheng Teachers University, Tungchangfu, Shandong Sheng, China

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    ABSTRACT: A tetranuclear manganese complex, [Mn(4)(hmp)(6)(N(CN)(2))(4)(H(2)O)(2)] [1; Hhmp = 2-(hydroxymethyl)pyridine; N(CN)(2)(-) = dicyanamide anion], was synthesized and characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction, bond valence sum calculations, IR spectra, elemental analysis, and magnetic measurements. The structure of 1 consists of a linear [Mn(II)(2)Mn(III)(2)] core formed by six hmp(-) groups linking Mn(II/III) ions. Magnetic studies show that 1 behaves as a single-molecule magnet with ferromagnetic coupling between the metal centers.
    Inorganic Chemistry 03/2010; 49(8):3688-90. DOI:10.1021/ic100224j · 4.79 Impact Factor
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    Xiaojuan Zhao, Dacheng Li, Yupeng Pan
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    ABSTRACT: In the title complex, [Co(C(10)H(11)N(2)O(2))(2)(C(5)H(5)N)(2)], the Co(II) atom lies on a centre of symmetry and adopts a distorted cis-CoO(2)N(4) octa-hedral geometry. The two acetone salicyloylhydrazone ligands are deprotonated and act as N,O-bidentate monoanionic ligands, forming the equatorial plane, while the axial positions are occupied by two N atoms of two pyridine mol-ecules. The complex presents O-H⋯N and C-H⋯N intra-molecular hydrogen bonds. Inter-molecular C-H⋯N and C-H⋯O inter-actions are also present in the crystal.
    Acta Crystallographica Section E Structure Reports Online 04/2009; 65(Pt 4):m457-8. DOI:10.1107/S1600536809011015 · 0.35 Impact Factor