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    ABSTRACT: The stereoisomers of 2-amino-5-carboxymethyl-cyclopentane-1-carboxylate may be prepared stereoselectively from diester derivatives of (E,E)-octa-2,6-diendioc acid, with the key step utilising the conjugate addition of homochiral lithium N-benzyl-N- alpha-methylbenzylamide. The trans-C(1)-C(2)-stereoisomers are readily prepared via a diastereoselective tandem conjugate addition cyclisation protocol with lithium (R)-N-benzyl-N- alpha-methylbenzylamide, with subsequent hydrogenolysis and ester hydrolysis giving the (1R,2R,5R)- and (1R,2R,5S)- beta-amino diacids in good yields. The preparation of the cis-C(1)-C(2)-stereoisomers utilises a protocol involving N-oxidation and Cope elimination of the major diastereoisomeric product arising from conjugate addition and cyclisation, giving homochiral (R)-5-carboxymethyl-cyclopentene-1-carboxylate. Conjugate addition of either lithium (R)- or (S)-N-benzyl-N- alpha-methylbenzylamide to (R)-5-carboxymethyl-cyclopentene-1-carboxylate, and diastereoselective protonation with 2,6-di-tert-butyl phenol gives, after hydrogenolysis and ester hydrolysis, the (1S,2R,5R)- and (1R,2S,5R)- beta-amino diacids in good yield. The use of (S)-N-benzyl-N- alpha-methylbenzylamide in the initial conjugate addition and cyclisation reaction, and subsequent repetition of the elimination and conjugate addition strategy allows stereoselective access to all stereoisomers of 2-amino-5-carboxymethyl-cyclopentane-1-carboxylate.
    Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 03/2004; 2(3):364-72. · 3.49 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: The asymmetric synthesis of the orthogonally funtionalised compounds tert-butyl 2-N-benzyl-N-alpha-methylbenzylamino-5-methoxycarbonylmethylcyclopentane- 1-carboxylate and methyl 2-N-benzyl-N-alpha-methylbenzylamino-5-carboxymethylcyclo- pentane-1-carboxylate by a domino reaction of tert-butyl methyl (E,E)-octa-2,6- diendioate with lithium N-alpha-methylbenzyl-N-benzylamide initiated by a Michael addition, subsequent 5-exo-trig intramolecular cyclisation and posterior selective hydrolysis with trifluoroacetic acid is reported.
    Molecules 02/2004; 9(5):373-82. · 2.10 Impact Factor