Yenan Song

Harbin Institute of Technology, Charbin, Heilongjiang Sheng, China

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  • Peng Zhao · Je-wan Woo · Yong-sung Park · Yenan Song · Fushi Zhang ·
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    ABSTRACT: Novel phthalocyanine sulfonate (H2PPcSx) was synthesized from the sulfonation of a steric polymeric phthalocyanine and investigated as a photocatalyst in a homogenous system. The molecular weight of H2PPcSx was characterized as 9213ā€“11692 by MALDI-TOF MS, classified as an oligomer with a 14ā€“18 degree of polymerization. The electronic spectrum indicated a less aggregative tendency of H2PPCSx than the usual monomeric phthalocyanine photocatalyst. Efficient photodegradation of butyl Rhodamine B (bu Rh B) catalyzed by H2PPcSx was achieved in a homogenous solution; the spectral character indicated that decomposition occurred on the benzene ring in the Rh B molecular. For a 50 mg Lāˆ’1 bu Rh B solution, the percentage degradation reached 95% in 4 h using 100 mg H2PPcSx as a photocatalyst. A mechanism involving the participation of both singlet oxygen and radicals was established for the photodegradation. Keywordspolyphthalocyanine-photocatalysis-homogenous catalysis-Rhodamine-singlet oxygen
    Macromolecular Research 05/2010; 18(5):496-503. DOI:10.1007/s13233-010-0502-4 · 1.60 Impact Factor
  • Peng Zhao · Yenan Song · Sida Dong · Lihong Niu · Fushi Zhang ·
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    ABSTRACT: The synthesis and photochemical properties are reported for a series of novel amphiphilic carboxyl polymeric phthalocyanines, with zinc (3a), aluminum (3b), ytterbium (3c) and hydrogen (metal-free, 3d) as the substituted central atom, respectively. The synthesis routes included cyclotetramerization of tetra-phthalonitriles and subsequent hydrolysis of cyano to carboxyl in alkaline solution. All four molecules were verified to be oligomers by viscosity method. Specifically, 3c showed strongest fluorescent emission, which can be elevated by Triton X 100 and CTAB. The singlet oxygen quantum yield (Phi(Delta)) for 3a and 3b were larger than that of 3c and 3d. In the presence of surfactants, nearly 2 folds enhancement of Phi(Delta) was observed as 0.76 and 0.70 for 3a and 3b, respectively. The characteristic photochemical properties of these oligomers suggested potential applications in photodynamic therapy, photocatalysis and photodynamic diagnoses.
    Dalton Transactions 09/2009; DOI:10.1039/b904569d · 4.20 Impact Factor