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    ABSTRACT: YBa<sub>2</sub>Cu<sub>3</sub>O<sub>x</sub> (YBCO) coated conductors have been produced in meter lengths in pilot scale facilities established at IGC-SuperPower. Highly-smooth nickel alloy substrates have been polished in reel-to-reel polishing facility, with a uniform roughness of 2 nm. A pilot-scale ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD) facility has been used to produce 1 to 5 m lengths of buffered tapes with a uniform in-plane texture of 11 degrees and a surface roughness of 12 nm. YBCO has been deposited on meter-lengths of substrates by both pulsed laser deposition (PLD), and metal organic chemical-vapor deposition (MOCVD). End-to-end critical current of 43 A has been achieved in meter-long PLD-based YBCO. Meter-long YBCO tapes with a critical current of 90 A have been produced in MOCVD facility.
    IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 07/2003; 13(2-13):2492 - 2495. DOI:10.1109/TASC.2003.811829 · 1.24 Impact Factor