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    ABSTRACT: Macrophages (Mϕ) can be differentiated and polarized in vitro from human CD14(+) monocytes under the influence of GM-CSF (GM-Mϕ) and M-CSF (M-Mϕ). GM-Mϕs are proinflammatory and M-Mϕs have an anti-inflammatory phenotype. We found selective expression of the lectin C-type lectin domain family 5 member A (CLEC5A) transcripts in GM-Mϕs and the scavenger receptor CD163 molecule-like 1 (CD163L1) in M-Mϕs by microarray assay. In vitro, CD163L1 expression was induced by IL-10 and M-CSF and CLEC5A by inflammatory cytokines and cell adherence. In secondary lymphoid organs, their respective expression was restricted to CD68(+)/CD163(+) Mϕs that preferentially produced either TNF (CLEC5A(+)) or IL-10 (CD163L1(+)). Mϕs from healthy liver and colon tissue were mostly CD163L1(+), and CLEC5A(+) cells were scarce. In contrast, CLEC5A(+) Mϕs were abundant in the intestinal lamina propria from patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), with higher numbers of CLEC5A(+)CD163L1(+) found compared with those in secondary lymphoid organs. CLEC5A(+) cells were CD14(+)CD209(-)CD11b(+)CD11c(+)TNF(+)IL-10(+), and single positive CD163L1(+) cells were CD14(-)CD209(+)CD11b(-)CD11c(-)TNF(-)IL-10(+) in healthy donors and had lost the ability to produce IL-10 and to express CD209 in those with IBD. In melanomas, CLEC5A(+) tumor-associated Mϕs (TAMs) were not detected in 42% of the cases evaluated, but CD163L1(+) TAMs were found in 100%. Similar to IBD, CD163L1(+) TAMs expressed high levels of CD209 and produced significant amounts of IL-10, and CLEC5A(+) TAMs were CD14(hi) and produced enhanced levels of TNF in metastases. Overall, these results suggest that CD163L1 expression is associated with tissue-resident Mϕs with an anti-inflammatory or anergic phenotype and that CLEC5A(+) Mϕs exhibit TNF-producing ability and might display a proinflammatory effect. © Society for Leukocyte Biology.
    Journal of leukocyte biology 04/2015; DOI:10.1189/jlb.3HI1114-531R · 4.99 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Biopsia endomiocárdica, Trasplante heterotópico, Trasplante ortotópico.
    Archivos de cardiología de México 09/2007;
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    ABSTRACT: These is presented a study of 50 patients suffering TB and AIDS. The universe was divided in two: group I, when TB was considered the first manifestation of AIDS; (27 males and 2 females). Group II, when TB was preceded by some opportunistic infection, some kind of cancer, or some clinical symptoms compatible with wasting syndrome; (20 males and 1 female). There was no difference between the two groups regarding epidemiology, since homo-bisexuality was the most frequent among males. Neither were significantly different the clinical features of TB in both groups, and the most frequent symptoms were: fever, productive cough and painful lymphadenopathy. Both groups showed miliary infiltration on the lung X-rays; lymph nodes were the most frequent extrapulmonary localization. The only significant difference was found when the mortality was compared group I, 10 patients (34.4%) vs 16 (76%) from group II (p less than 0.01). An other part of the study is related with the efficacy of rifampin and isoniazide (31 cases), compared to their efficiency when these drugs are used combined with a third one (10 cases); the results showed no significant difference.
    Gaceta medica de Mexico 01/1991; 127(2):137-41. · 0.19 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Endomyocardial biopsy (EB) is often used in the clinical evaluation of several cardiac disease. Hundred-seventy-six consecutive procedures were performed in 65 patients, 43 men and 22 women mean age was 29.86 +/- 11.53 (range 4 days to 66 years). Group A, 26 postcardiac transplantation patients in whom 137 EB were performed (39 heterotopic and 98 orthotopic), average sample 5.2 biopsy for each patient. Group B (n = 39) was studied for several cardiac diseases during cardiac diagnostic catheterism. The jugular venous approach was performed in 3 patients (1.7%), femoral in 173 patients. Major complications were found in 3 (1.7%) cases consisting in cerebrovascular accident (stroke) and coronary fistula into the right ventricle. Endomyocardial biopsy provides a low incidence of adverse reactions, mortality was 0%.
    Archivos de cardiología de México 77(3):200-8.