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  • K Moriyama · M Nozaki · J Kudo · A Takita · E Tatewaki · K Yasuda ·
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    ABSTRACT: We treated a 32-year-old man with hearing loss in the right ear followed by severe muscle weakness of the extremities. When admitted to hospital by ambulance, the serum potassium level was 1.5 mEq/L. The muscle weakness was improved following administration of potassium chloride but the hearing impairment continued. Hearing level of the right ear was extremely impaired at the level of 60-105 dB, while hearing in the left ear was fairly normal. Spontaneous nystagmus was also present. The triiodothyronine level was 290 ng/dl, thyroxine 14.4 micrograms/dl, thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) 0.84 microU/ml, and the anti-TSH-receptor antibody was positive. Attaining an enthyroid state, the patient was discharged on 80th hospital day with the continuous medication of Methimazole. This is a very rare case of sudden deafness complicated by hypokalemic paralytic attacks. Circulatory insufficiency and electrolytes imbalance in the right inner ear was assumed to have caused the deafness.
    Japanese journal of medicine 09/1988; 27(3):329-32. DOI:10.2169/internalmedicine1962.27.329