Da-Wen Xu

Tongji University, Shanghai, Shanghai Shi, China

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    ABSTRACT: As H.264/AVC digital video becomes more prevalent, issues of copyright protection and authentication that appropriate for this standard become very important. In this paper, an authentication watermarking algorithm for H.264/AVC compressed video by modulating CAVLC code words of 4×4 luminance blocks is proposed. During the embedding process, the eligible code words are first identified, and then the modulating rules between these code words and the watermark bits are established. The watermark information can be extracted directly from the encoded stream without resorting to the original video, and merely requires decoding the CAVLC code from bit stream rather than decoding the whole video. Experimental results show that the proposed watermarking scheme can effectively embed watermark information with little bit rate increase and almost no quality degradation.
    Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Information Security, WCNIS 2010, 25-27 June 2010, Beijing, China; 01/2010
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    ABSTRACT: An effective watermarking algorithm using Zernike moments and image normalization is proposed to resist object manipulations. Rotation invariance is achieved by taking the magnitude of the Zernike moments. Image normalization method is used for scale and translation invariance. Watermark signal can be inserted into the Zernike moments of cover image, but the reconstruction procedure is computationally expensive and there is severe fidelity loss. Zero-watermarking technique can solve these problems successfully. Experimental results show that the scheme is robust to compression, filtering, Gaussian noise as well as geometrical attacks including rotation, scaling.
    Neural Networks and Signal Processing, 2008 International Conference on; 07/2008
  • Rang-Ding Wang, Da-Wen Xu, Qian Li
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    ABSTRACT: An audio watermarking scheme, which embedded robust and fragile watermark at the same time in lifting wavelet domain is presented. Robust watermark is embedded in the low frequency range using mean quantization. It has great robustness and imperceptibility. Fragile watermark is embedded in the high frequency range by quantizing single coefficient. When the audio signal is tampered, the watermark information will change synchronously. So it can be used for audio content integrity verification. The watermark can be extracted without the original digital audio signal. Experimental results show that robust watermark is robust to many attacks, such as mp3 compression, low pass filtering, noise addition, requantization, resampling and so on. Fragile watermark is very sensitive to these attacks.
    Machine Learning and Cybernetics, 2005. Proceedings of 2005 International Conference on; 09/2005