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    ABSTRACT: A large variety of plasma conditions has been created in TCV (Tokamak a Configuration Variable, B_T<1.5T, R_0=0.88m, a<0.25m). They include elongations in the range 1 to 2.58, triangularities between -0.7 and 1 as well as 'square' shapes and plasma currents in the range 0.1-1MA. Over the entire range of stationary ohmic conditions investigated we observe a remarkable correlation between electron pressure profiles and conductivity profiles as determined by multi-channel Thomson scattering measurements. The observation can be expressed by the equality /p_e(0)=<T_e^1.5>/T_e(0)^1.5 which is verified to within less than 10% throughout the database. The observation implies a coupling of energy and particle transport and is at least qualitatively consistent with theoretical considerations based on minimum energy states of the plasma or on stationary entropy. The above profile width factors are related to the plasma safety factor or, better, the toroidal current density of the discharge by <T_e^1.5>/T_e(0).^1.5 ~0.4 , where ^*= μ_0R_0 /B_T.
    10/1997; -1.