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  • Wiener klinische Wochenschrift 11/2005; 117:780-783. · 0.84 Impact Factor
  • Berislav Perić · Tomislav Ćabov ·
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    ABSTRACT: Implantoprosthetic rehabilitation of the upper jaw can be done in several ways. The plan and possible therapy depend on the general health of the patient, local clinical radiographic finding and financial possibilities of the patient. In this paper we show the construction of a reduced vironit prosthesis on 4 previously placed implants in the upper jaw. This example shows satisfactory results with regard to aesthetics and function and can therefore be recommended as a solution for implantoprosthetic therapy of total edentulousness of the upper jaw.
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    ABSTRACT: Aims: To record the effect of decontamination of dental plaque and buccal mucous membrane by antiseptics on the colonisation of potential pathogenic nosocomial bacteria and development of nosocomial infections in patients in the Department of Intensive Care. Type: A double blind prospective comparative study based on a randomly selected sample. Location: Department of Intensive Care with 12 beds in the University Hospital Dubrava. Subjects: Patients admitted one after the other in the Department of Intensive Care with a disease which indicated at least three days of treatment. Edentulous patients were excluded from the study. Therapy: After randomly selecting the patients, the group was treated with 0.2% gel chlorhexidine, three times daily for the duration of their stay in the Department. Standard measures of oral hygiene and placebo gel were applied in a control group. Specific measurements: Dental status was taken by means of caries index; the amount of plaque was determined by means of semi quantitative plaque index. Samples of bacteria were taken of dental plaque, buccal mucous membrane, nasal and tracheal aspirate and blood on the first, third and sixth day and thereafter every three days until the patient's release from the Department of Intensive Treatment. Results: Sixty patients participated in the study: 30 who received therapy and 30 in a control group (mean age: 54.5±5.5 years, Simplified Acute Physiological Score II: 29±13.5 points). On admittance to hospital there were no significant differences between the two groups with regard to clinical and dental data. Average value of the caries index amounted to 19.5±5.5, and plaque index 1.7±0.62. On the day of admittance potentially pathogenic nosocomial bacteria were isolated from the area of dental plaque and buccal mucous membrane in 63% of patients. In relation to the control group the amount of transcolonisation of bacteria in the region of the bronchi was significantly reduced (19/7 patients, p=0.002), as also was the incidence of the development of nosocomial infections (26.7%/6.7%, p=0.041). These results were consistent with the significant preventive effect of antiseptic decontamination with 75% relatively reduced risk. There was a trend toward a decrease in the values of plaque index, colonisation of potential pathogenic bacteria and the duration of stay in the Department of Intensive Care. Conclusions: Decontamination of dental plaque and buccal mucous membrane by antiseptics, 0.2% gel chlorhexidine, reduced oral bacterial colonisation, and can reduce the incidence of the development of nosocomial infections in life threatened patients.
  • Berislav Perić · T. Ćabov ·
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    ABSTRACT: Long term use of a conventional denture typically results in advanced alveolar bone loss, following a decrease of intermaxillary space and lack of stability. There a few ways in implant prosthodontics treatment of completely edentulous jaws. In this case report we show the use of two implants in completely endentulous patients and prosthetic rehabilitation with snap attachment. The advantages of implant prostodontics are relatively easily placement into the bone, stable implant assisted overlay denture, and relatively acceptable price.
  • Source · Tomislav Ćabov · Clinics for maxillofacial surgery · Clinical Hospital Dubrava · Zagreb · Croatia · Zoran Kovač · Dražen Jokić ·
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    ABSTRACT: Aim: Loss of all maxillary teeth oft en leads to diffi culti es in patient’s feeding and speaking. A high quality selecti on of prosthetic implant rehabilitati on with foreseable results off ers a bett er quality of life to the pati ents. Case report: A 62-year-old pati ent was unhappy with her upper complete denture. A billateral sinus lift ing was performed followed by placement of 6 implants in the upper jaw and prostheti c rehabilitati on with a fixed denture anchored on the forementi oned implants. Discussion and conclusion: Sinus lift ing and contemporary prosthetic implant rehabilitati on off er various soluti ons in the treatment of edentulous maxilla with an excellent esthetic and functional outcome.