Paula S. Marcotegui

National University of La Plata, La Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  • Paula S. Marcotegui, Sergio R. Martorelli
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    ABSTRACT: Demidospermus annulus sp. nov. (Platyhelminthes, Monogenea, Ancyrocephalidae) is described from the gills of the catfish Parapimelodus valenciennis Lütken collected in Samborombón Bay, Argentina. The new species differs from all congeneric species mainly by the structure of the accessory piece of the male copulatory organ, the sclerotized ring-shaped vaginal aperture and the dorsal bar articulation. KeywordsMonogenea– Demidospermus –catfish–Salado River–western Atlantic coast
    Acta Parasitologica 06/2011; 56(2):116-121. · 0.97 Impact Factor
  • Paula S Marcotegui, Sergio R Martorelli
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    ABSTRACT: During surveys of parasites of the whitemouth croaker Micropogonias furnieri (Desmarest) and the mullet Mugil platanus Günther from Samborombón Bay, Argentina, Trichodina puytoraci, T. lepsii, T. jadranica, T. murmanica, Diparitella simplex and Trichodina scalensis sp. n. were morphologically studied. Taxonomic and morphometric data for these trichodinids based on dry silver nitrate-impregnated specimens are presented. This study is the first formal report of these trichodinids from the southwest Atlantic Ocean, and the description of a new species from M. platanus.
    Folia parasitologica 09/2009; 56(3):167-72. · 1.21 Impact Factor
  • Paula S Marcotegui, Sergio R Martorelli
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    ABSTRACT: Ligophorus saladensis n. sp. (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) is described from the gills of the grey mullet Mugil platanus Günther collected in Samborombón Bay, Argentina. The new species differs from L. mugilinus Euzet & Suriano, 1977, L. mediterraneus Sarabeev, Balbuena & Euzet, 2005 and L. huitermpe Fernandez, 1987 by the morphology of the accessory piece of the male copulatory organ and mean values derived from measurements of the sclerotised hard-parts. This is the second report of monogeneans on M. platanus in the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean region and the first description of a species of Ligophorus Euzet & Suriano, 1977 from M. platanus. Some aspects of the speciation and host-specificity of Ligophorus spp. are discussed.
    Systematic Parasitology 09/2009; 74(1):41-7. · 1.04 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: A new species of trichodinid, Trichodina marplatensis sp. n., found on the comb plates of the coastal ctenophore Mnemiopsis mccradyi is described. Only three species were previously reported from coelenterates, i.e., Trichodina pediculus, T. zambeziensis and T. ctenophorii. This new ciliate is compared with other similar congeners including T. ctenophorii because it was reported from the same host. T. marplatensis differs from T. ctenophorii by having denticles with broad club-shaped blades and wide S-shaped rays, rather than falcate blades and thin, straight rays. The denticles of T. marplatensis are not similarly shaped to those of other described trichodinids. The new species is the first reported from a planktonic host in the Argentine Sea and the second species found associated with ctenophores.
    Acta protozoologica 01/2008; 47(2):257–261. · 1.18 Impact Factor
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    Sergio R. Martorelli, Paula S. Marcotegui, Pilar Alda
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    ABSTRACT: The encapsulation is well-known in arthropods like a common type of defense against parasites, pathogens and other foreign objects. This cellular defense reaction takes place in two stages: the recognition of the foreignness by the haemocytes and the formation of the capsule followed by melanization. On the other hand, the encystement is a process widely recognized in digeneans produced by the cistógens, cephalic and tegumental glands of the cercariae and metacercariae. In the metacercariae of the Microphallidae family in crustaceans the distinction between encapsulation and encystment could not always be clear and the observation of mixed processes is common. In the present work the type of reaction and the genesis of the process of cyst and capsule formation of Microphallus szidati metacercariae are analyzed from experimental infections in the second intermediate host Palaemonetes argentinus with natural emerged cercariae from the first intermediate host Heleobia parchapei. The observed reactions were of mixed type, with the presence of a multilaminar cyst surrounding the parasite, covered by a cellular reaction by hemocytes with the formation of a capsule-like envelope around the encysted metacercariae.
    Revista AquaTIC. 01/2006;
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    ABSTRACT: The presence of Squalonchocotyle squali MacCallum 1931 parasite of Squalus acanthias Linneaus, 1758, is reported for the first time in the Atlantic coast of Argentina, previous descriptions by MacCallum (1931), Price (1942) y Dillon & Hargis (1968) were compared. The possibility of the monogenoidean parasite of S. acanthias, from the Falkland Islands, collected by Kuznetsova (1975) and cited as Squalonchocotyle sp being represenstative of S. squali is discussed. The geographical range of distribution of S. squali is increased, and its presence on the Southeast of the Atlantic Ocean is confirmed.

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