Qing-Chun Qiu

KU Leuven, Leuven, VLG, Belgium

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    ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study was to explore mitochondrial activities after oxygen inhalation by 31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Six healthy volunteers were studied using a GE 3T scanner. A spin-echo MRS sequence was utilized with a GE service coil. TR was 2000 msec and TE 35 msec with 128 scan averages. Before 31P scan, a 1H MRS pre-scan was performed to obtain shimming values. Exact two 31P scans were performed before and after oxygen inhalation through nasal cannula at a flow rate of 10 L/min. Data were processed offline using the SAGE/IDL software. Peak integral values of inorganic phosphor, phosphocreatine, and ATPs were measured. Peak integral values of inorganic phosphor were decreased from 1.44% to 16.62% (mean+/-SD, 8.2+/-4.60). Peak integral values of phosphocreatine were increased from 1.06% to 8.64% (4.54+/-2.74). Peak integral values of gammaATP were increased from 0.75% to 15.97% (5.94+/-6.10); alphaATP from 1.21% to 16.05% (7.04+/-6.14); betaATP from 1.01% to 7.12% (3.08+/-2.30). Brain mitochondrial activities were increased and more ATPs were produced after oxygen inhalation in healthy volunteers.
    Conference proceedings: ... Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Conference 02/2007; 2007:2899-902.
  • Arnout Ceulemans, Erwin Lijnen, Qing-Chun Qiu
    ChemPhysChem 02/2007; 8(1):64-7. · 3.35 Impact Factor
  • Qing-Chun Qiu
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    ABSTRACT: The static product Jahn-Teller (JT) system with two doubly-degenerate electronic open shells coupling to a single e-mode is further studied in the electronic space using the isostationary function method and the energy minimization procedure. These effects are vividly described by the coupling of two electronic vectors that belong to two different E-spaces. The energy levels in the trough positions are also investigated and it is found that the two doubly degenerate electronic levels are generally lifted by the product JT coupling.
    Frontiers of Physics in China 01/2007; 2(1):51-54. · 1.44 Impact Factor
  • Arnout Ceulemans, Erwin Lijnen, Qing-Chun Qiu
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    ABSTRACT: The sixfold degenerate irreducible representation Gamma9 corresponds to the highest degeneracy that a point group can sustain. The Hamiltonian describing the Jahn-Teller instability is of type Gamma9 × (g + 2h). The general solutions of this Hamiltonian are presented, and various coupling schemes are discussed.
    Journal of Molecular Structure - J MOL STRUCT. 01/2007; 838:3-7.
  • Qing-chun Qiu, Fen Qiao
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    ABSTRACT: The reduction factors p and q defined by Ham in the E ⊗ e JT system and their relation 2q − p = 1 have been well accepted and the concept of reduction factors is widely used in the studies of vibronic coupling. However, when the system is under the anisotropic conditions, the reduction factors and their relation will change accordingly. The first-order reduction factors p and q of E ⊗ e system were further studied using the method of unitary transformation here. The relation between p and q proposed by Ham was investigated under both conditions of the linear coupling and the anisotropic effects. The result demonstrated that the relation of 2q − p = 1 was only correct for the linear vibronic coupling, but not correct when the anisotropic effect was considered. This result suggested that the anisotropic effect influence considerably the reduction factors, and hence the physical properties of materials. Our method could be also applied to other JT systems, especially the highly symmetric JT systems involving C60 molecules.
    Chinese Science Bulletin 10/2006; 51(21):2553-2558. · 1.37 Impact Factor
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    Qing-Chun Qiu, Erwin Lijnen, Arnout Ceulemans
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    ABSTRACT: The coupling coefficients describing the linear Gamma9× (g+2h) Jahn-Teller Hamiltonian in icosahedral symmetry are derived, and various coupling schemes are discussed.
    Molecular Physics 01/2006; 104:3173-3185. · 1.67 Impact Factor