Yinhong Li

Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wu-han-shih, Hubei, China

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    ABSTRACT: Shortage of energy resources, rising power generation cost, and increasing electric energy demand make the dynamic economic dispatch (DED) increasingly necessary in today’s competitive electricity market. In this paper, an enhanced biogeography-based optimization (BBO) referred to as POLBBO is proposed to solve the DED problem with valve-point effects. BBO is a relatively new powerful population-based meta-heuristic algorithm inspired by biogeography and has been extensively applied to many scientific and engineering problems. However, its direct-copying-based migration and random mutation operators make BBO possess good local exploitation ability but lack enough global exploration ability. To remedy the defect, on one hand, an efficient operator named polyphyletic migration operator is proposed to enhance the search ability of POLBBO. This operator can not only generate new features from more promising areas in the search space, but also effectively increase the population diversity. On the other hand, an orthogonal learning (OL) strategy based on orthogonal experimental design is presented. The OL strategy can quickly discover useful information from the search experiences and effectively utilize the information to construct a more promising solution, and thereby provide a systematic and elaborate reasoning method to guide the search directions of POLBBO. In addition, an effective simultaneous constraints handling technique without penalty factor settings is developed to handle various complicated constraints of the DED problem. Finally, four test cases with diverse complexities are employed to verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed POLBBO method. The experimental results and comparisons with many other recently reported DED solution methods consistently demonstrate that POLBBO is able to obtain better economic dispatch schemes.
    Energy Conversion and Management 04/2014; 80:457–468. · 3.59 Impact Factor
  • Energy Procedia 01/2014; 61:2262-2266.
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    Zhihuan Li, Yinhong Li, Xianzhong Duan
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    ABSTRACT: ent in ISPEA2+ with LSSs. ISPEA2+ was found to be one of the efficient potential candidates in solving power system multiobjective optimization problems.
    Information Technology Journal 04/2010;
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    Sheng Su, YinHong Li, XianZhong Duan
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    ABSTRACT: This paper analyzes the statistics of faults in a transmission and distribution networks in central China, unveils long-term autocorrelation and power law distribution of power system faults, which indicates that power system fault has self-organized criticality (SOC) feature. The conclusion is consistent with the power systems data in 2008 with ice storm present. Since power systems cover large areas, climate is the key factor to its safety and stability. In-depth analysis shows that the SOC of atmosphere system contributes much to that of power system faults. Extreme climate will be more intense and frequent with global warming, it will have more and more impact upon power systems. The SOC feature of power system faults is utilized to develop approaches to facilitate power systems adaptation to climate variation in an economical and efficient way.
    Chinese Science Bulletin 04/2009; 54(7):1251-1259. · 1.37 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Environmental/economic dispatch (EED) is a bi-objective optimization problem with conflicting optimization objectives, the minimization of fuel cost and the minimization of emission. In this paper, a modified average price penalty factor (MAPPF) is introduced to convert the bi-objective EED problem into a single-objective optimization problem. A new hybrid evolutionary programming (HEP) methodology is proposed to solve the EED. In the methodology, a simple evolutionary programming (EP) is used as a basic level search, which can give a good direction to the optimal global region. Then, a local search procedure is adopted as a fine tuning to determine the optimal solution. The methodology is applied to a 15-unit system and the numerical results indicate its effectiveness and practicality.
    Advances in Neural Networks - ISNN 2009, 6th International Symposium on Neural Networks, ISNN 2009, Wuhan, China, May 26-29, 2009, Proceedings, Part II; 01/2009
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    ABSTRACT: The diversity of graphics models and data models in the electric utility software environment leads to much repetitive work and impede information sharing greatly. CIM in IEC 61970 defines most of the main objects in the electric utility enterprise, which can facilitate data exchange among heterogeneous applications. Howerver, with the development of power system, graphics information exchange among heterogeneous applications becomes more and more desirable. By analyzing two graphics exchange approaches proposed by CCAPI, the way to exchange graphics information in a standardized form combining IEC 61968 Location package and SVG is introduced. An asynchronous graphics exchange mechanism based on publish/subscribe architecture is proposed, which can greatly reduce the redundancy information and enhance the exchange efficiency.
    Power and Energy Society General Meeting - Conversion and Delivery of Electrical Energy in the 21st Century, 2008 IEEE; 08/2008
  • Zhihuan Li, Xianzhong Duan, Yinhong Li
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    ABSTRACT: Objective-converting methods (OCMs) are commonly used to solve multi-objective reactive power optimization (MRPO) problem. In this paper, contour line, a common concept in geography, is introduced to compare and classify OCMs in MRPO. Firstly, OCMs adopted in MRPO problem are summarized. Then, contour lines of different OCMs are drawn in objective function space and search direction of OCMs is analyzed. Based on the shape and characteristics of contour lines, different OCMs are compared and classified. All of studies are a good reference for the further study in MRPO.
    Power and Energy Society General Meeting - Conversion and Delivery of Electrical Energy in the 21st Century, 2008 IEEE; 08/2008

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