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    ABSTRACT: BEPC (Beijing Electron Positron Collider) is now upgrading to a double-ring collider which requires a new storage ring to be built in the existing tunnel. A new and compact interaction region (IR) has been designed to allow a peak luminosity of 10<sup>33</sup>cm<sup>-2</sup>s<sup>-1</sup>from an equal beam energy of 1.89 GeV, a crossing angle, 93 bunches with maximum beam current of 0.91 A . The multi-purpose superconducting magnets and conventional dual aperture quadrupoles are used as final focusing quadrupole in the interaction region. The two beams collide at the interaction point with a crossing angle of ± 11 mrad and further beams separation is enhanced with the help of a septum bending magnet which locates just beyond the superconducting magnet and acts on the outgoing beam lines only. This paper will describe the IR design and the construction status.
    Particle Accelerator Conference, 2005. PAC 2005. Proceedings of the; 06/2005