Jin-Lian Li

Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, Suiyüan, Inner Mongolia, China

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    ABSTRACT: Restriction endonucleases, namely BamH I, Taq I, Hae III, Rsa I and Hinc II, were used to analyze the polymorphism of partial mtDNA Cytb gene sequences from 256 horses 6 types (Thoroughbred, Sanhe, Wuzhumuqin, Xinihe, Wushen and Pony) including the imported breed, cultivated breed and local breed. The products of endonuclease digestion were run on 8% non-denaturing polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and detected by silver staining. Results indicated BamH I and Taq I polymorphism. In all 7 restriction patterns were defected that could be sorted into 3 haplotypes, of which haplotypes I and III were the basic haplotypes. We infer that these horses came from one female ancestor through the analysis thorough one pattern, namely BamH I-B.
    Hereditas (Beijing) 09/2006; 28(8):933-8.
  • Lai Mang, Jin-Lian Li, You-Fei Shi
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    ABSTRACT: Mitochondrial DNA D-Loop varied region 400 bp sequence variations in 4 Chinese Mongolian horses and 4 External Thoroughbred horses were analyzed in this experiment. The results showed that the average nucleotide mutational rate of mtDNA D-Loop varied region in 4 Chinese Mongolian horses was 3.69%, while External Thoroughbred horses were 4.00%. Three types of mutations including transition, transversion and deletion were all found in the investigated mtDNA D-Loop regions, of which transition was the most frequent. Nucleotide mutational loci were abundant, length mutations were found and great differences were all observed among the 8 horses. It showed there existed much polymorphism in the mitochondrial DNA D-Loop varied region of Chinese Mongolian horses and External Thoroughbred horses.
    Hereditas (Beijing) 02/2005; 27(1):91-4.