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    ABSTRACT: The field efficacy and safety of a single-dose Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccine were evaluated in three-to five-week-old pigs. Two field efficacy studies were conducted, one in England with 673 pigs, and one in Germany with 719 pigs. The pigs were injected intramuscularly with either the vaccine or saline (control) at a ratio of 2:1 and reared under commercial conditions to slaughter weight. The efficacy of the vaccine was evaluated by comparing the lung lesions associated with infection with M. hyopneumoniae in the control and vaccinated animals postmortem. In both countries the vaccinated pigs had a significantly lower percentage of lung lesion scores, in England 5.7 v 10.2 per cent (P = 0.0022) and in Germany 3.9 v 7.7 per cent (P = 0.0056). In Germany the average daily weight gain (ADG) of the vaccinated pigs was significantly higher (639 g v 616 g) (P = 0.0205). In both countries and in both the treated and control animals there was a significant negative correlation between the ADG and the lung lesion score (P = 0.0001). Two safety trials were conducted, one in England and one in Germany, each with 75 pigs, and in each case 50 pigs were given the maximum batch release antigen titre of the vaccine and 25 were given saline. The safety of the vaccine was evaluated by observation for local and systemic reactions and any increases in rectal temperature. No abnormal reactions were observed in the vaccinated pigs and there was no significant difference between the mean peak rectal temperatures of the vaccinated and control pigs in either trial.
    The Veterinary record 12/2002; 151(18):535-8. DOI:10.1136/vr.151.18.535 · 1.49 Impact Factor